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BusyBlogies was made to advise, inspire and connect with through informative content related to technology, internet marketing, health, lifestyle, travel and many more.

We always welcome having new authors join our group. They should want to create quality content with noteworthy counsel – a lesson or new piece of information that perusers would then be able to apply to in their own activities.

We also encourage our readers to send us relevant content to publish on this site.

Guidelines for Article Submission:

  • You should be there create a unique, relevant and technically correct content on my website. The article you will send to me must not be published elsewhere online.
  • Posts must have 700 words.
  • Must have the article title
  • Article Summary (usually first few sentences of the article)
  • Article Keywords (comma separated)
  • One dofollow  link to your site will be allowed
  • we have the right to edit your article
  • Writing must be of high quality, well researched, and edited. We reserve the right to edit material you submit based on our editorial calendar or space available
  • All content presented should be based on up-to-date information (include sources), and easy to read and digest. Keep your content, informative, and actionable. Make it conversational and engaging.
  • Please Send your Quality articles to busyblogies@gmail.com.
  • The writer is required to submit at least 1-2 images along with their articles.

The topics on our website.

  • Technology
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  • LifeStyle
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