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Advertise on BusyBlogies is a popular blog for information for all things. Advertising here will help you reach the valuable customer in a cost-effective way.  For organizations wishing to advertise on this site, note that the ads will be displayed in one of three specific locations on each page and will rotate with other advertisers. If you have advertising inquiries, please contact:

There are 4 different positions on the blog where you can place your ad banner.

Ad Spot 1 – Below Featured Image Ad (468×60)

Location: few lines below the featured image on all posts of the blog, except home page and other pages.

Ad Spot 2 – Post Bottom Ad (330×260)

Location: at the bottom of all post content,  home page and other pages.

Ad Spot 3 – Sidebar Ad box (125×125)

Location: on the sidebar of all posts and pages, home page. There will be at least 2 such as in a block.

Ad Spot 4 – Vertical banner (160×600)

Location: only on the article page in the sidebar.

Ad Spot 5 - Ads Customise by user requirement