Why Choose React Native for Mobile App Development

React Native is becoming one of the most widely used frameworks across the globe. With continuous evolutions in technology, developers are gradually starting to develop top-notch mobile apps using the framework. It has everything that is needed to create fully-functional and feature-rich mobile applications. It is a boon to start-ups as it supports both Android and iOS.  
How it is turning out so far? React Native is continuously proving to be the best solution for clients. Even big brands, including Netflix, Skype, and Trivago, are now switching to React Native and witnessing immense profits post-launch.  

Developed by Facebook and Instagram, it is the native version of the JavaScript library. To leverage the full potential, you should hire a reliable React native app development company that can guide you throughout the app development process and keeps you informed at every step.  

If you are considering building a mobile app for your business, then pick React Native – we ensure that you won’t regret it. Why? Here are a few reasons why choosing React Native is the best solution for your organization.

1. Speeds Up Development While Saving Money

One of the most attractive features of React Native is that it accelerates time to market. Native app development, on the other hand, requires a lot of time when apps for respective platforms. As the code is written only once, so, you have to pay to only one team that makes the development costs are a lot lesser than native app development. According to recent statistics, it is stated that with React Native app development, you can save up to 30% of costs when compared to native technologies. Being an open-source technology, react native developers utilizes all the frameworks and their libraries for free. 

2. Covers Major Operating Systems 

Are you willing to launch your project in iOS first and then Android? Why not launch for both at the same time with React Native. It cuts your time and development costs in half. Moreover, you can also use the same code for building responsive websites. Isn’t that great! Utilizing the best practices and state-of-the-art infrastructure, a reliable app development company can deliver apps for iOS, Android, and web at 7x faster speed. 
React Native has native widgets that deliver a flawless UI experience to its users. It ensures that your apps run seamlessly on every device and screen size.  That’s why most of the big shot enterprise apps are now built using React Native.

3. Incredible Features like Enhanced Security & Hot Reload

The heart of any app development lies in the ease of making changes and rendering while making the amendments. React Native has a Hot Reload feature that makes the task easier and allows developers to view changes in real-time.  
Based on JavaScript, React mobile app development is highly secured and reliable. The mobile apps that are built with this framework keep getting support even after the end products are delivered. 

4. Works Seamlessly in Offline Environment  

Another benefit over native app development is that it stores data offline thus, the app works perfectly fine in offline mode. It indeed gives an upper hand to organizations that are using React Native mobile apps to upscale their business in any adverse or no network condition. 

Some Top Brands that are using React Native Mobile Apps in 2020 

Being a highly-performing and user-friendly framework, React Native is gaining immense popularity in the marketplace. Knowing its benefits, many top companies have started using React Native that resulted in higher customer engagement and great ROI for every business.

1. Facebook

Facebook Ads Manager, built on React Native, gives a convenient space for individuals and businesses alike to manage advertisements for their products. Using top widgets, it handles ad and date formats flawlessly.  

2. Uber Eats 

The dashboard of the Uber Eats app is built with React Native. It provided all the development tools to develop an elegant UI, complemented by a smooth UX. Push notifications and user-friendliness we also crucial additions to the app’s dashboard. 

3. Bloomberg 

A finance company, Bloomberg provides tools for equity trading and analytics. Through React Native, the company can refresh its code without any inconvenience to its users. Also, now they can send the latest updates to their users through push notifications. 

4. Airbnb 

Airbnb is an inexpensive alternative that lets its users enjoy their vacation at a much smaller price tag. Airbnb’s mobile app is built with React native that means its iOS and Android app share 98% of code. It helped developers to push the app faster in the market and maintain both versions with ease.  


If you are a start-up, then React Native not only helps you save money but also allows you to launch your app faster in the market. Every start-up well understands the benefits of mobile technology, but selecting the right technology can be a daunting task.  
To ease the process, you can consult a top-notch mobile app development company in San Jose that can help you find a well-balanced tech stack that not only falls perfect for your business logic but also serves every type of audience.
Either you are a start-up, SME, or a well-established business, choosing React Native for your app platform is the wise move as it allows you to meet business goals faster while keeping the budget factor intact. Are you ready to build your next app development project with React Native? Good Luck!

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