Which Among the Root Domain and Subdomain is Better for E-commerce SEO?

Whether you should use the Root domain or Subdomain for your site depends on various factors. The consumer's buying behavior keeps changing from time to time. The Covid-19 pandemic has affected many businesses, and most of the traditional companies have been converted into online stores. The shopping habits and priorities of people have changed. Their way of consuming content has also changed. 

These days, most business owners are trying to launch their e-commerce site, and they wonder while launching their website, that they should use the root domain or Subdomain. 

You may find this answer quite simple initially, but just like another SEO topic, it can get complicated. SEO experts help website owners boost traffic, and when launching an e-commerce site, website owners mustn't ignore the SEO strategies. Here are the things that you must consider to determine whether you should start your website in the root domain or core domain. 

Context of Your Site
The only purpose of e-commerce websites is to sell, but context also plays an important role. First of all, you must find out whether your site is born transactional or not, and if it is, then you should use the core domain.

However, if your site is nontransactional, but you are getting a huge amount of traffic, then in this situation, you would not want to lose the visitors. Would you? 

It will be quite difficult for you to keep creating appealing content for the audience and selling the products and services simultaneously. You may not succeed in providing the same amount of material that nontransactional websites are offering its clients. 

And because of this reason, many businesses used to provide content to the audience when they started selling products and services. They chose Subdomain to launch their e-commerce site. Deciding on whether you should select the Core domain or Subdomain can be quite tricky because you would have to consider many things. You would have to find out what's better for the audience and SEO. 

Subdomains can Separate the Codes
If you search on Google about whether you should use a root domain or sub-domain to launch your site, you will find many blogs telling you which is better. But you need to know that every website's business goals are different, and what worked for them may not always work for you. 

E-commerce websites have their sense of consideration. They have different needs and goals. 

If you have a transactional website, then you would need a shopping cart, credit card processor, and many other unusual things. 

There are many considerations that you can't ignore, and that's why the site owners decide to launch their site in Subdomain. 

Brand Awareness
If you have just started your business and earlier you used to provide only content, you would need to provide valuable information to your consumers to reach to your product and services and buy from you. 

Your e-commerce site may not allow you to add enough information about the products and services so that the customers start buying from you and not go to your competitors. 

If your website is providing valuable information to the customers, then you may decide not to alter it and launch your e-commerce site in a subdomain. 

International Shopping
A market strategy must be to sell their products to various locations. More likely to sell items in the international market. Choosing a subdomain helps a marketing executive in such situations. 

If you use Subdomain and add your site into the search engine, then users will easily find your site. It would be better for you also in terms of SEO. You would no longer have to attach e-commerce to every international country website. 

Root vs. Subdomain
When it comes to SEO, it is advisable that you should keep your content and pages in one umbrella.

Breaking into Subdomain may work for some companies, but the search engine treats the Subdomain separately. You may also receive referral traffic on your Subdomain through the root domain. 

Sticking to the Root
If you combine your core website and e-commerce site on a root domain, you will receive several benefits. If your existing website is getting a lot of organic traffic, then your eCommerce site will also receive those traffic if you launch your site through the root domain. The result will be that our e-commerce store will perform better.
And also, when your eCommerce store would start growing, and the search engine would find your nontransactional pages quite interesting. If you add more new content on your pages, you will get frequent indexing. 

For some e-commerce stores, subdomains are better while for others root domain works well. If you want to find out which of the two will work for you, you would first have to define your site's context. You can also talk to your hosting provider or eCommerce platform provider to find out about specific domains. Subdomain works well if you already have a super established site with high ranking in SERPs, and you want to preserve your ranking and traffic. It also works well if you have many websites for different locations. And even if your business is small. And if your site doesn't fall in the criteria mentioned above, it would be better if you use the root domain. 

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