When To Hand Over The Phone To The Children To Prevent Them From Misuse

In the modern era, if there is one thing that everyone has, from the elderly to the small children and from the rich man to the poor man, then it is mobile. Mobile is such a device that everyone knows how to operate it. Even a one year old child knows how to walk a mobile. Obviously, since the birth of the child, from feeding him to sleeping, mothers take the help of mobile. In such a situation, children become mobile etc. But do you know, the American Academy of Pediatrics has said in one of its research that mobile phones have a bad effect on the mental health of children. Not only this, mobile phone addiction can have many other bad effects on your child. 

Effect on Sleep

The nerves of the eyes of children become weak due to being constantly on the mobile screen. Because of this, there is a burning sensation in the eyes when they are closed, due to which there is no sleep. Apart from this, once the addiction of playing games on mobile becomes more difficult to get rid of mobile from the hands of children. Children do not even get enough sleep in the game affair. If they do not get enough sleep, they get irritable. Because of this, children become lazy and they do not feel like doing any work.

Creativity Goes Down

When the child is constantly engaged in the mobile, then he has trouble with other work. In whatever work he has to do, he has to take the help of mobile. Due to this, the creativity of doing any work on its own decreases. Because of this, your child always lags behind other children. He also has problems in academics and he can never get good marks.

Kids Become Stubborn

It may be that when your child can operate mobile better than other children, then you would think that your child is of sharp mind but is your child also in other work. If not, then understand that your child is not interested in any other work other than mobile. That's why he knows how to operate a mobile phone, but he finds it difficult to do other things. By the time this thing is released to you, your child may have got a bad addiction to mobile and it will be difficult for you to get rid of it because addiction makes children stubborn. Therefore, before giving the mobile in the hand of the child, decide for how long he has to give the mobile.

What is The Appropriate Age to Offer Mobile? 

Although there is no criterion to decide the right age to give mobile to children, but mobile is the most important need of today's time. Give mobile to the child only when he is going to some place where you are not with him. Whenever you give the phone to the child, make sure that it does not contain any adult material. Along with this, the child should return the mobile at the stipulated time. Even if the child is using the mobile properly, he can be given mobile. Keep checking the mobile given to the child from time to time so that you know for what purpose your child is using the mobile.

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