What is The Recovery Time of FUE Hair Transplant?

Almost fifty to sixty percent of the human population is suffering from hair issues in this world. Hairfall, greying, whitening, thinning, and getting bald are some of the issues that are common concerns of a large part of the human population. 

Science has offered the solution to this problem in the form of transplants. Among various hair transplantation techniques, the FUE hair transplant is widely used by people. If you are looking for some opinions on getting a hair transplant, this write-up might help you. 

What is FUE and how does it help?

Follicular Unit Extraction is a kind of hair transplantation technique that makes the use of the hair already present on the skin body. The characteristics of this surgery include the following:

  • This technique is useful for the people who have no hair or very much hair on the head scalp. 
  • This method is gaining more popularity than FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) that results in the plug-like look. 
  • The doctors involved in performing this surgery make use of the micro punches that ensure that no traces of the follicles remain.

What is the duration and precautions of the FUE transplantation? 

Before taking these treatments, one must know these things. These explain the outline of this treatment in a summarised manner:

  • Prior to the final session, the patient needs to have multiple sessions of 2-4 hours. This session might extend from 10-12 hours in some rare cases. 
  • You need to keep the affected areas away from water. The effect of water can cause scars even before proceeding for the treatment. 
  • Since almost 90 percent of the surgeons are qualified to carry this treatment, you must have sessions with dermatologists. 
  • Last, this surgery is an outpatient process. So, you may go back to your home after each session. 

Post-surgery precautions for the patient 

As per the opinions of the experts and doctors, these are some of the precautions that the patients must take after the surgery. These are the post surgery precautions as per the experts are:

  • The patient must not wash hair after 3 days after the treatment. 
  • Even if you need to wash hair, make use of unscented hair conditioners and shampoos. 
  • You might consider at least a day or two after the treatment. 
  • Neither use combs, brushes or hats for at least the 3-week period post the surgery. 
  • Avoid any extreme physical exercise for a week or more.

Functioning and recovery of the FUE treatment 

The genuine features associated with the visible effects of this treatment and recovery are given here. 

  • The surgeon would remove the follicles and shave the hair at the area to be transplanted as well as the target area. 
  • The removal of the follicles which will be the source of the hair will take the help of  micro-punches.
  • With the help of the needles, they will first make holes and insert the hair follicles extracted previously. 
  • The next step is to clean the areas and suggest the bandage.  

What is the cost and risk involved in the treatment? 

The costs involved in getting this transplantation is $4000 to $15, 000 as it depends upon the amount of hair to be transplanted and the choice of the surgeons. 

The main risks involved in getting this transplantation are:

  • The areas from where the hair follicles have been extracted may have some white scars. There might also be an infection or a tissue death.
  • Swelling, sensitivity, and the occurrence of bruises might also be the side effects of this treatment.

The most common side effects of the FUE treatment 

The occurrence of white spots on the affected areas is not the only sign that occurs. However, it fades with time causing other side effects:

  • Infection
  • Appearance of crust over the transplanted area 
  • Swelling around the follicles, also known as folliculitis
  • Bleeding (mild and extreme)
  • A sense of numbness or a tingling effect 
  • Uneven appearance of the skin due to the difference in the real and transplanted hair
  • In rare cases, thinning of hair can also continue after the treatment. 

These symptoms might start showing up after 3 days of taking the treatment. This period is for the recovery after undergoing the FUE treatment.


Hair problems are one of the most common issues for almost everyone. Problems like hair-fall, thinning, balding, and many others are some mild signs of hair problems. However, with the help of transplantation, one can get rid of such issues.  FUE is one of those treatment options that help in the growth of new hair. 

This surgery has proved to be a gift for many people who are suffering from balding. This surgery is possible for both men and women. However, these treatment options must not be opted for without the consultation and advice of experts in hair and skin clinic Dubai

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