What are The Quality of a Good SEO Expert?

Online marketing is developing at an incredible rate and has taken over the world of marketing like a storm. Naturally, businesses are compelled to switch or adapt to this.

Now Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is the art of optimizing sites for search engines and the SEO experts through their skills and knowledge make that happen. The increment in organic traffic results in a higher number of page impressions which translate into more users having the chance to use the products or services offered by the company.

It is essential for businesses to enhance organic traffic, observe the competition and keep an eye on the current trends as well. That is why an SEO expert must be a chameleon who can cater to the demands of time.

Here are some of the traits that a good SEO specialist must-have. Take a look.

  • Continuous Learner - Bing, Google and other search engines change their algorithms every now and then. The promo tools and social media algorithms also update social media sites. Your site's reputation can suffer if you utilize the SEO techniques of 2008. Therefore the SEO expert must keep on updating their skills. So while hiring ask them about the new technology and how they can make your site better.
  • Critical Thinker - This is hard but SEO experts must have a critical thinking ability for differentiating causation and correlation. One should be able to understand -
  1. What happened?
  2. Why it happened?
  3. What can be done about it?

There are a variety of ways to measure this. For this, in interviews you should ask questions like -“How will you handle a situation where you and your client disagree? Explain your approach” or

“What will be your first approach if you are given the task of managing the digital presence of an office that is about to be launched soon?”

  • Adaptable to Change - The right SEO experts must have a willingness to change. One has to constantly keep oneself updated for being on top of their game in case of SEO. There are some activities that SEO specialists have to do every day. But if one is not ready to adapt to transformations and is not flexible, the competition will quickly surpass their work. Moreover every site is different and the SEO expert must connect with the uniqueness of each site. Solutions that can improve for one page can be completely ineffective for the other.
  • Great Communication Skills - Search Engine Optimisation is not just about the insertion of keywords in the site contents. The process of making SEO-friendly begins from the design and developmental stage. Everything from uploading the web images to making site-responsive plays a crucial role in the case of search engines. Go for someone who is not bossy but can effectively communicate the graphic design, web design programming and content writing teams so that everyone can work together for the ultimate success of the brand.

These are the essential traits that a good SEO Expert in India must have in order to succeed and create their own niche.

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The author, Shashi Ranjan happens to be a talented and experienced digital marketing professional and SEO specialist who is also a prolific blogger. He is committed to assist the businesses to succeed in an increasingly technological environment.