Top Checklist To Consider Before Starting Up Your On-Demand App

The on-demand services have almost become the staple ingredient in our daily lives. Right from hailing taxis to purchasing groceries, on-demand services are preferred as they are instant and convenient. Also, these on-demand services are grabbing the attention of entrepreneurs to invest in. In order to help aspiring entrepreneurs like you achieve the goal of starting on-demand services, this blog is curated. Here, we will discuss the essentials to consider before starting this business. 

What are the traits of on-demand services?

“Instant delivery and convenience” are the supreme traits of on-demand services. If a user books a service, they will get the orders delivered within 30 minutes or less than that based on the supplier. Unlike visiting shops and standing in queues, through the on-demand app, users can book the service from their smartphones. Hence, convenience is guaranteed.

Key points to consider before rolling out your on-demand services business

●    Identify the purpose of developing the on-demand services app

Firstly, you will have to sort out the purpose behind developing the on-demand app. In general, your business solutions should revolve around solving the pain points of your customers. For example, taxi booking apps were introduced to replace manual booking taxi booking. Similarly, online food ordering apps were introduced so that customers can eat their favourite food at their comfort without having to visit the restaurant.

On the whole, you must check whether your business is purposeful for your target audience.

●    Identify the type of on-demand services

Here comes another key point on identifying the type of on-demand services. There is a legion of services like taxi, food delivery, massage, tutor, grocery delivery, medical consultation, etc. So, while deciding the type of on-demand services, you need to know the frequency of usability of the services. For example, grocery delivery will be frequently used by customers. Similarly, the taxi service will also be availed on a frequent basis by customers. Hence, based on the needs of customers in the given region, you must select the type of services.

●    Hiring delivery persons

Once you have identified the purpose and type of on-demand services, you need to hire skilled workers to assist you in delivering the services. For your information, many companies that provide on-demand services employ gig workers or independent contractors. As far as the U.S. region is concerned, around 25-30% of delivery agents are gig workers. To be more specific, they are part-time workers. Well, one of the suitable examples is Uber. The company employs independent contractors as drivers. 

So, if you are considering employing gig workers, then you must gratify them by offering flexible working hours, incentives and also a smartphone to handle the service requests. 

●    Work on infusing some unique selling points

In a business, there are two things that will help you achieve a strong user base. One is customer support, and the other is unique selling points. As we are witnessing the number of on-demand apps, it is necessary to position yourself among the competitors, which can be achieved through infusing unique selling points.

For example, if you would want to start a food delivery business, then the possible unique selling points would be quick delivery, a range of cuisines, offers and rewards. So, nevertheless of the type of on-demand service you offer, you must have a set of value propositions.

●    On-demand app development

So, let us assume that you have identified the purpose of your business, the type of service, the unique selling points, etc. Now, it is time to dive into the designing phase of your on-demand app. Firstly, you have to decide whether you are going to offer a single on-demand service or multiple services. Next, you tell your developer whether you want an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) or a complete application.

If you choose to offer multiple services, then the best choice is the Gojek clone. The Gojek clone is a ready-made app script with which you can directly launch the app. Or else, you can even customize the app as per your whims.

So, let us head back to the Minimum Viable Product. MVP contains a minimum number of features. To be more specific, the app will have only mandatory features like registration, payment modes, push notifications. You can develop the MVP, launch it on the Play Store and collect responses from the app users. As your customer rate grows, you can gradually start adding advanced features to the app. Therefore, based on the budget of your business, you can decide the type of app you want to invest in.

Voila! We are done with the key points to take into account before rolling out your on-demand services. Now, let us head to the key features to be present in your on-demand app.

Presenting you with the key features of the on-demand app

●    Push notifications - Push notifications are irresistible. Push notifications are one of the communication channels through which you can send app-related messages, order status, promotions, offers, etc.,

●    Payment modes - Your app should have frictionless and different types of payment options.

●    Location tracker - The location tracking feature will allow the customer to check the location of the concerned delivery agent. This will facilitate the customers to know the progress of the delivery.

●    Rewards - Rewards are one of the key factors of attracting customers. With an app, generating reward points will be easy.

●    Automatic mapping - Your on-demand app will look after mapping the service requests for customers with the service provider. With the automated mapping of requests, none of the customers’ requests will be pending. All the requests will be mapped in a jiffy.

●    Analytics - You will no longer have to be puzzled identifying the preferences of your customers. The analytics will easily pinpoint the customer’s actions or preferences based on their clicks or selection inside the app.


As high as the need for on-demand services, you can’t think of any more suitable time than now to launch an on-demand app like Gojek. Go ahead and block an app developer and get started! All the best!

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