Top 5 Unique Hotels You Can Only Find in Australia That You’ll Love

Tired of the ordinary? From rustic remote cabins to rainforest retreats and the utmost in luxury, accommodation in Australia doesn’t always mean staying in beachside hotels and flashy high-rise buildings. These hotels are great destinations on their own and are surrounded by some of the most amazing scenery on the planet. Here are some of our top five accommodation picks in Australia.

So if you are planning to have a trip for next weekend, better check these out!



Haven’t crossed this yet off your list, then maybe now is the time. Your travel bucket list should definitely include the recognizable Pumphouse Point, which extends out unbelievably over the vast Lake St. Clair (Australia’s deepest) in central Tasmania.

Situated on shore, this self-contained retreat’s floor-to-ceiling windows look over the lake and a group of vast snow-capped mountains. The hotel dates back to 1940 that comes with a series of suites, that is mostly booked on any given weekend.

Don’t worry about your privacy despite the view, you’ll see that it’s tucked at the back of trees to keep your personal space– particularly when sipping wine in the outdoor tub. Meanwhile, its interior is furnished with all sorts of contemporary finishes that a city apartment would normally have, combined with wares emerging from a conscious approach that’s typical in the area and those who live there.

They have amazing delicacies from the island that are handpicked by staff that comes with a list of local wine, beers, and spirits. Truly a place like heaven.



Curious about spending a night in a rainforest? Or a treehouse in the most aged living rainforest in the world? It may be a bit rough to stay in rainforests but Silky Oaks experience is different.

The tree houses are in the level of luxury as every tree comes with a beautiful rainforest view. They all boast significant small hills on the balcony. And the sound of the forest lets you sleep peacefully, who doesn’t want that? Relaxing is the word that best describes Silky Oaks!

You can start your morning with a swim in the freshwater billabong, next is some hiking on one of the lodge’s own walking trails, followed by a much-needed dinner with a view. And of course, a post hiking effort comes with a visit at their Healing Waters Spa.



If you want an Australian experience, then taking a tub in the open air is one. The incredible outside claw-foot baths at Kinnon & Co. are just one of the main highlights of the self-catered, 4½ star Homestead Stables in Longreach, Queensland. This allows their guests to relax while taking all the time to appreciate the wonder and beauty of the surroundings.

They have taken their stables to the next level by incorporating modern-day comforts while preserving some old world rustic charm. They also did some renovation to accommodate four people with kitchen and dining facilities as well as the bathroom, air-conditioned rooms, and TV/DVD.



Dubai and Surfers Paradise are known for their high-rise hotels and striking views but a few spots in the world only offer underground accommodation. Located in Coober Pedy, South Australia, Desert Cave lets you stay above or below ground. If you choose to go for the latter, take note that there are no windows (since it’s underground).

You can really relax and have a good sleep since it’s quiet, cool, and dark. The Coober Pedy is known for being the only underground 4-star hotel in the world that also offers a restaurant, pool, spa and opal shop. The hotel was actually built by opal mining machinery. You’ll be amazed by the stunning interior walls that have been carved out to create the 19 underground rooms.



Ever wondered what it feels like to live in a huge castle? The Thorngrove has no front door, doesn’t have a single room that has the same size or shape, nor does it hold a single piece of furniture or decoration that’s identical. How cool is that, right?

It could even be a medieval castle since it comes with spiral staircases, sandstone turrets, split levels, four-poster beds, and manicured lawns. The retreat is designed for maximum privacy with guests unable to come about upon each other.

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