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The contemporary cell phone technology has been stunned the entire world when it has been initially introduced almost decade ago. Then Android cell phones come into existence and it has done the same and even further it introduced the applications of everything such as social messaging apps, gaming apps, TV apps and others. Now the entire population of the world has been used this android technology at least once since it has introduced. On the other hand, the rain of android cell phone has created plenty of issues for the users especially the youngsters who spend all of the time on the phones connected to the cyberspace. But at the same time, the technology also has been made the solution to set the parental control on activities of the young generation that are obsessed with the Android gadgets.

Introduction to TOS parenting & Monitoring app

When it comes to android cell phone monitoring, TheOneSpy is the best cell phone spying software for androids. The power of setting parental control on young kids and teens android phones then smartphone android spy app is second to none. It has the power to monitor the target device within real-time in both audio and video categories that no other parental control has introduced yet. It has powerful and efficient features you just name it. On the other hand, the prices are unbelievably reasonable that you will not found any other big named parenting software. All of its features are best for the best and it provides the user-friendly interface. It is compatible with all of the contemporary android phones. 

Why is it parental & monitoring spyware?

Because it provides both services such as parenting and as well as typical monitoring services. Those parents that want to set parental control on kids and teen’s phone, a user can get to know the activities on the phone and it restricts the activities of young kids and teens that parents things are not safe for kids on moral grounds. On the other hand, a user can use it as employee monitoring software, to keep an eye on employee’s activities they do on the devices within the working hours and last but not the least it empowers spouses to keep an eye on partners hidden activities to the fullest. Now discuss the powerful features.

TOS spy 360

A user can use it for three purposes such as it allow a user to listen to the live surround listening of the target device by using the TOS spy 360 live surround listening. It further allows user to use the cameras on the phone to get the real-time results live from the target phone by using the TOS spy 360 live camera streaming. The last and not the least TOS spy 360 live screen sharing.

Live screen recording

A user can record all the activities happen on the screen by making back to back short videos when an activity is being performed on the device. A user can perform live screen recording of camera screen recording, Chrome screen recording, Gmail screen recording, SMS screen recording, IM’s screen recording, YouTube Screen recording, on demand screen recording and password chaser.

Spy on calls

A user can record all the lives calls happen on phone and user can further save it on the online control panel for a reminder and user can even get their eyes on call history.

Spy on text messages

A user can use the text messages spy and can view all the sent and received text messages on the target phone. It further allows user to spy on MMS, iMessage monitoring, BBM chats messages and heads up tickers notification.

Remotely phone controller

It empowers a user to view all the installed apps within the target phone remotely, to block the incoming calls on the phone, block the internet remotely, block text messages and it also enables to set their own monitoring preferences.

Browsing History

It allows user to view the activities over the browser such as all visited websites and bookmarked websites and appointments made by the target cell phone user.

Bug their phone

A user can use MIC bug to record the calls and surround sounds on the target cell phone device and a user can use the spyvidcam bug to make short videos of the surroundings by using the back and rear camera of the phone and it further empowers user to capture photos on through the target Android phone.


The cell phone spy app for androids enable parents to use it as parental control app and on the other hand employees and spouses use it as the best android cell phone spying software for employees and spouse monitoring program.

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