Smart SEO Tips to Rank Your Website in Google

Are you an entrepreneur and hoping for good SEO rankings? Well, businessmen actually need to create their own checklist in order to ensure that everything goes perfect for the next post. With SEO checklist, you can be assured that the blogpost will enable you to boost ranking of website in search results.  Check out some SEO tips to rank better in Google.

Write popular or sharable content: You need to stay updated with the latest topics or news and gather sufficient information about them before writing the blogpost. Whatever points you jot down should be informative that will draw interest of readers towards the content. The more your blogpost gets viewed, the better it will be for your online business.

Homepage title should be optimised: You should know the limitations of homepage title or heading. Google only displays the title with 66 characters. So, try to keep the title under 66 characters only. Your title should be catchy and something unique that will grab attention of more viewers towards your post.

Select the right keyword – The first step is to pick a good keyword that will highlight your article. You can mention the search item or phrase. Your keywords are the main thing that people actually search for. The easiest method is to use Google Keyword Planner which is a free tool and provides estimation for search phrases.

Follow your competitors: Smart entrepreneurs will make it a point to follow their competitors and see their incoming links. Go through the content on the first page of Google while ignoring the ads. Your work is to find out what they have missed on their article and how you can grab the attention of visitors towards your website.

Write original and informative content: Once you are aware about the type of writings of your competitors, make sure you write your articles in a better way. Though this is quite difficult, your content should be informative and of course, engaging to draw attention of online users towards it. Well, it hardly matters that your blogpost is related to ecommerce or landing page. It only has to be unique and much better from the competitors. Otherwise, your post will not be viewed by visitors or Google.

Use keywords in the title: Your page title should include keyword though it might be exactly the same. The title must be interesting enough to grab attention of online users so that they may be willing to go through the content. So, it is quite good to use keywords in the title, rather than making the title absolutely boring.

Use keywords in the URL: Google can determine about your post by observing the URL. It means, what comes after “.com” in the blog is the main subject. The URL will definitely show Google that what the blog or post is about. So if you use keywords as URL, there are more chances to rank higher on search engines.

Apart from the ones discussed above, you should insert external links in your content. Like... “Best SEO Company London”. External links are that links generated from the other website. Google can understand how good your post is by following the external links. While writing a good SEO content is important, it should be linked internally by other pages on the website. Yes, you actually need to edit old posts and add links in the new content.

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