SEO Is All About Content Marketing

In order for your site to have a good positioning in the searches, the content you publish must meet a series of requirements that will be essential to be successful with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Since April 2015, Google, the world's leading search engine, changed its algorithms related to searches. With this, great changes can be perceived in the published content when we search on certain topics.

Our goal is to demonstrate how to stay in the top places of organic searches and ensure the success of positioning in Google with the help of SEO and the production of quality content. Finally, SEO and content marketing are both sides of the same coin. Today we will delve into the subject and mention some of the essential practices for the joint use of these two strategies.

What is SEO?
SEO (Search Engine Optimization, or literal translation, Search Engine Optimization) is the set of techniques that seek to increase the ranking of a blog or website and improve its ranking in the results of Google and other search engines.

The adoption of SEO strategies is the best way to highlight your blog in the middle of the vast number of sites that exist. It is through SEO strategies that it is possible to improve the visibility of a blog or site and reach a good position in the search engines of the network and, in this way, gain prominence and visibility for the business.

What Is Content Marketing?
Content marketing is a way to get involved with your target audience and grow your network of customers and potential customers through the creation of relevant and valuable content, attracting, enveloping and generating value for people, creating a positive perception of your brand and, in that way, generate more business.

What Should You Do?
One of the most relevant SEO strategies to achieve web positioning is content marketing. It is through the adoption and investment in content marketing that your business has the opportunity to achieve a good positioning in the search engines.

SEO and content marketing are two things that complement each other. This happens because as soon as SEO tells us what we need to stand out. Content marketing gives us what is necessary to achieve the results. SEO does not exist without content and everything that is produced must follow the rules indicated by the search algorithms.

When you work with the two tools harmoniously and integrally, it is possible to achieve excellent positions in the search engines. With this, people can find and access your content more easily and search engines can better track your site.

SEO and Content Marketing are both critical. Yet, with regards to what you ought to spend more on, it's obvious to choose Content Marketing. Essentially in light of the fact that you need to make new content on a frequent basis to stay relevant. In short, a good inbound marketing strategy needs a good content marketing strategy.


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Hassan Johar
, is a professional blogger & Digital Marketing Manager at Cheap flights to Portugal, who composed few web journals and contributed on many blogging sites. He helps his clients to get better visibility on-line through digital marketing tactics. 

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