Poor Dental Care Can Impact Your Whole Health

You are mistaken if you think that poor dental care only leads to cavities. Because studies have concluded a link between oral health and overall wellness. Which means, your health will also depend on how you take care of the teeth and gums. In fact, poor oral hygiene could lead to a variety of health concerns to organs like heart, kidney etc. Cases are plenty where people have gone on to face the risk of heart attack due to lack of proper oral care.

Similarly, oral health experts always advise taking good care of teeth and gums so that risks to overall health could be minimized greatly. In worse cases, poor oral hygiene may even increase the risk of strokes. Some of the other problems that lack of dental care may cause include heart issues, cardiovascular problems etc. It’s therefore important to take your dental health seriously else the overall health may suffer.

Here are ways in which poor dental care can impact your whole health

1. Cardiovascular Disease

If your dental health is not up to the market, it could cause heart disease. When you have periodontal disease or inflammation of the gums, the bacteria then can enter the bloodstream and reach to the arteries. This is how hardening of the arteries in the heart happens. Plaque may also develop on the inner walls to thicken the arteries and when that happens, the blood flood gets impacted. And when the blood does not flow properly through the arteries, there can be a greater risk of stroke or heart attack. That’s why proper oral care is essential to keeping your heart hale and healthy always. 

2. Respiratory Infections

Poor oral health means there will always be a chance of infected teeth and inflamed gums. In such situations, the bacteria will develop which can enter the bloodstream and travel to different parts, including the lungs. This may cause infections in the gums or can increase the risk of pneumonia. Similarly, people who have infected tooth or gums breath bacteria without their knowledge and this could cause issues to the lungs. For that reason, dental experts warn against taking oral health lightly as its repercussions can really be serious to health.  

3. Diabetic Complications

There is a connection between poor oral health and diabetes. People who are not regular with oral care are more at risk for diabetes than the rest. Similarly, those who have diabetes yet don’t follow the oral care routine may find it difficult to control the disease. Studies have shown that diabetics with periodontal disease or inflammation of the gum face more problems in controlling their blood sugar levels. This helps worsens diabetes symptoms and aggravates the problem further. In fact, diabetics are more prone to periodontal disease, which makes it even more important for them to take the health of their teeth and gums seriously.

4. Dementia

Gum diseases are always bad for overall health. Whether in early stages or advantages forms, they can affect the health adversely and cause a variety of risks to the body. When someone has gingivitis, it means the bacteria will enter the bloodstream and may travel to different parts of the body. The same bacteria may even enter the nerve channels and reach up to the brain. This can be really dangerous and might even cause the development of Alzheimer's disease, which is characterized by impediment in cognition and mental capacity.

5. Oral Cancer

Poor oral hygiene may not be directly responsible for cancer of the mouth, jaws etc. but poor oral habit can indeed be. Overwhelming cases of oral cancer are reported from people who smoke or chew tobacco. In fact, tobacco is the most leading cause of oral and mouth cancer. Smoking or use of tobacco can also cause stained or discoloured teeth, bad breath, receding gum line etc. More so, tobacco in any form is responsible for gum diseases and it can even lead to cavities and premature tooth loss. So, if you’re really worried about your oral health, quit smoking today and lead a risk-free life forever.

6. Bad Breath 

The surface of the tongue can have a lot of bacteria. And if you don’t clean the tongue regularly, the bacteria them can enter the bloodstream and reach to different parts of the body to cause health issues. That apart, the same bacteria and germs on the tongue can cause bad breath and may also affect the sense of taste. And when you have bad breath, it indicates that bacteria, food particles and plaque are trapped inside the oral cavity. It also shows that the production of saliva is impacted in the mouth. You can start oral care and say this problem goodbye forever.

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