Most Popular Siding Materials in USA

Some see siding only as an additional aesthetic, but more than that. It is also an essential layer of protection against weather and other threats so that the correct siding option is necessary. This infographic can help with your decision!

Here are some of the siding replacement options we destroy, including the descriptions of each, life expectancy, and other benefits:

Metal parties: aluminum and steel

Aluminum gained popularity because it was cheaper than wood and also needed less care. Then the steel appears as another solid choice, thanks to the strength and endurance added.

Averaging life expectancy: 20-40 years (aluminum); 40+ years (steel)


  • Present in many styles and can mimic the look of wood

  • Aluminum is one of the lowest price choices.

  • Aluminum substrates can last for decades but need periodic refinishing.

  • Steel costs are more per square foot but less susceptible to slamming and dents.

  • Galvalume steel is very tough and does not need refinishing.

Pidy cement-fiber

Semen fiber is the latest entry and has been preferred thanks to great looks, impressive durability, low maintenance, and cost-effectiveness.

Average life expectancy: 50-100 years with primary care


  • Closest to imitating the look of natural wood granules

  • Available in various styles, designs, and orientation

  • Extraordinary durable, not susceptible to rotten or pest, a little maintenance needed

  • Includes recycled material and can be recycled; This is more efficient resources

  • Higher price points but also tend to be the last siding you need

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