Improving Your Meditation with a Three Pronged Primordial Strategy

Meditation especially primordial meditation the one practiced and taught by Chopra meditation center Montclair is one of the most beneficial meditation techniques that’s going to change the way you look and take up life challenges. Doing yoga the right way and meditating without a break is the key to achieve things you have targeted for yourself. Meditation and Yoga hand in hand. In case you are doing both consciously you are providing your mind and body the essential strength required to keep your body and psyche healthy. However when you start the practice of Yoga and meditation keeping your focus stable is a challenge. Since the results are intangible hence we as human beings might lose interest. However you need to keep your focus and put in all your efforts with a concentrated mind to achieve what you have set for yourself. The below mentioned tips from the world-famous Chopra meditation center will help you keep your focus intact even when everyone around you tells you that you are not improving at all.

Focus on one Thought – The Primordial Mantra

When you start meditating set an anchor point for yourself. The anchor point can be a mantra, visualization or even your own breath awareness. Keep your focus on the mantra – repetition (japa) as taught to you in the primordial meditation class you have been attending. Your focus can also be on the visualization you have set for yourself or even on your breath. Eventually as you practice every day without fail the one thought you are focusing on will fade away and an individual consciousness will merge with the universal consciousness.

Stick with Your Regimen of The Primordial Mantra

Once you have started with the primordial mantra make it a habit for yourself. Initially, you might lose focus and your mind might wander here and there however with time you will be able to guide back your mind to the state of meditation. You need to stick to the meditation style and technique you have chosen for yourself although you might sometimes feel that you have chosen the wrong technique still stick to it since results take a good amount of time to show up. Once you have mastered the art of guiding your mind back to the state of mediation your mind will stop wandering eventually and that’s the time when you are going to be less aware of your body, there will be very few impulses that will draw your attention into the sensory realm. You will feel the quietness within you. As a start you can sit for 10 minutes every day and feel the difference within yourself.

Do not Seek Results Rather Focus on The Experience

Meditation is one technique that is not going to show you quick results. You need to wait for the results until you reach a certain level of practice. You cannot expect to achieve your desired results by being inconsistent in your practice. Meditation especially primordial demands regularity, consistency, patience, persistence, intensity, earnestness, devotion and sincere effort without attachment to results. Meditation is one long term investment that will provide you the maximum benefits if you are able to practice it for a long period of time without attaching yourself too much on the results you are looking to achieve. Once you start feeling that you are achieving a sense of calmness from inside, you are peaceful during the day after your meditation, your intuition has increased and you feel a sense of love towards everyone then you are on the right path and on the verge of achieving whatever you have desired out of your Yoga and meditation practice.

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