If You Don’t Know, Now Do You Know What Kind Of Exercise Plan Your Body Needs?

Just like you have to breathe to stay alive, you have to exercise your body to keep you fit. Both are incomplete without each other. Exercise leaves amazing effects on your body so that you move forward towards your goals. Scientifically it has been proved that by dieting alone you cannot keep your body healthy. For this, it is very important for you to exercise. But there is also a lot of confusion in this as to which exercise and which pattern you should follow, this is the biggest problem for you. Because sometimes an exercise with a wrong pattern does not give you the right results.

A right workout pattern also speeds up your body's metabolism by burning fat from your body. The right exercise pattern gives a good shape to your body. From body toning, your body gets the right shape and flexibility only through the right exercise pattern. Therefore, exercise pattern is always considered important.

Before choosing the right exercise workout plan, you have to first decide what kind of body you want? You want to tone your body? Or you have to do fat loss or you have to bring your body in shape, all these goals decide your exercise pattern. You have to make your exercise pattern according to them.

This 4-12 week workout plan will help you to lose fat. For this, you will have to keep a track record of every little thing you do. So that you can easily do 1/2 of your fat loss every week. From workout plans to exercise patterns, you have to take special care of your diet. Whether you are taking the right diet in the right amount from time to time or not. Apart from this, are you taking proper rest according to the workout plan in your daily routine or not? You will have to take a measurement of all this every week so that you can note every progress of your body. And as the results will start coming according to you in this noting, accordingly you will have to make changes in it.

Both your cardiovascular exercise and resistance training will come in this workout plan. In this workout, you have to burn as many calories as you can. By the way, cardio is considered very good in burning calories. This workout plan/pattern of yours will be complete only from cardio section. Two types of cardio exercises are done in this, the first is steady cardio and the second is interval training.

Steady Cardio

This means that the cardio machines you see in your gym daily, this exercise is done on those machines only. In which jogging, walking, cycling, running, all these exercises are done at the same intensity, in which you have to do at least one exercise for about 15 minutes. After that you move on to your next exercise.

Interval Training

In this, you have to do any exercise of cardio at a very high intensity. In this you have to take rest for a very short time as compared to Steady cardio. That's why it is called high intensity interval training. If you are a beginner then you should not follow this workout pattern without consulting any expert. Your body burns the most fat in high intensity interval cardio. This exercise is very helpful for people of slow metabolism to speed up their metabolism. If your metabolism is slow then your body gets fat easily. Which is very difficult to burn. On the other hand, if your body metabolism is fast, then your body does not allow fat to accumulate easily in your body. Fast metabolism women burn more calories than slow metabolism.

Do any Type of Cardio Exercise

You can do any cardio exercise in your workout pattern. In the workout pattern, you need to keep in mind which exercise you like better. You have to stay away from those exercises, about which you do not know how to do them. Cardio is an important part of the fat loss plan, without which you cannot achieve your goals. You do not necessarily have to do this in the gym, but you can also do it outside. In which you do not need any equipment. All you have to do is do easy-to-do exercises like spot jogging, spot jumping, running, high knees with high intensity keeping in mind your resting duration. Which you have to do for at least 1/2 hour. If you want to do your fat loss cardio exercise in gym, then cross fit is also a good option for you. In high intensity exercise, you have to keep in mind that you do it for at least 30 seconds and after that take rest for 20 seconds. This pattern will have to be divided into four sets of each exercise.

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