How To Use Hair Color Without Any Side Effects

Eugene Schuller, a French chemist, invented the first commercial hair colouring product that was safe to use in 1909, using paraphenylenediamine. Over 75% of women dye their hair, and the number of males who do the same is steadily rising. What happens when you dye your hair? Several chemical processes involving peroxide, ammonia, and pigment molecules in hair produce this colour.

Hair and its Structure Chemistry

Keratin is a protein that may also be found in skin and fingernails, and it makes up the majority of hair. Eumelanin and pheomelanin are two additional proteins, and the proportions and amounts of these proteins determine the natural colour of hair. Eumelanin is the pigment that is responsible for golden blonde, ginger, and red hair tones, while pheomelanin is the pigment that is accountable for brown to black hair shades. The lack of either form of melanin results in the development of white or grey hair.

Colouring without side effects?

Colouring your hair is a fun and easy method to express yourself while also bringing about a change in your appearance. Simply changing the colour of your hair on occasion may be a lot of fun and thrilling. Yet, this can also have some effects on your hair if you're not careful. Certain hair colours are made using chemicals that are known to be toxic, and consistent exposure to these chemicals can cause damage to your hair. However, this does not mean that you have to stop experimenting with different hair colours or colouring your hair. We offer an excellent black hair colour shampoo alternative to hair colouring, both of which will not cause hair damage and will actually help to nurture it.

Semi-Permanent Hair Colour

Permanent and semi-permanent dyes are the two primary classifications that are used to describe hair colours. The pigment in permanent hair dye travels all the way through the cuticle of the hair strand. Semi-permanent hair colour, on the other hand, only coats the hair shaft and infiltrates it very slightly. Your hair will suffer less damage from using semi-permanent hair colour because it merely coats each individual strand. This style of hair colour is ideal for people who colour their hair to hide their greys, so if that describes you, you should definitely consider giving it a try. Even with consistent use, non-permanent hair colour is less damaging to your hair than permanent hair colour.

Absolutely Ayur hair colour shampoo is an excellent choice for semi-permanent hair colouring.  This product helps you conceal all of your greys while maintaining a natural-looking finish. It's a terrific option if you've had your hair coloured in the past and want to retouch your colour. This product provides a deep, intense colour that can last for up to five weeks and is enriched with the beneficial properties of bhringaraj liquid extract, amla liquid extract and more.

Ammonia Free Hair Colour

If you have been avoiding colouring your hair because of the potential harm caused by ammonia, this is the ideal solution for you. During the colouring process, ammonia is an element that is used to open up the cuticles of your hair, which in turn makes your hair more absorbent. However, the most significant disadvantage of using hair dyes that are created with ammonia is that it gradually lightens your natural colour. As a consequence, this will lead to premature greying of the hair as a result of the loss of natural melanin. Your hair will suffer much less damage if you use a hair dye that does not include ammonia. The majority of ammonia-free hair colours have a longer lasting effect compared to colours that are prepared with ammonia.

Absolutely Ayur offers one of the most effective alternatives to ammonia-based hair dyes. 10 minute hair colour results are possible with this no-ammonia formula. If you're just getting started with hair colouring, this no ammonia hair colour has a great black hair colour. These natural looking hue still pack a powerful punch, yet they'll still seem restrained and refined.

Nourishing Your Natural Hair

Several different kinds of hair colour are made with nourishing extracts and other components that are intended to enrich the hair. These nourishing hair colours protect your hair from damage as you colour it and also provide nourishment to your hair during the colouring process. Because they contain natural extracts, these nourishing hair colours help you keep the moisture in your hair, which in turn helps your hair to maintain its shine and smoothness.

Nourishing Your Hair

Many hair dyes are enriched with natural extracts and other healthy ingredients. Hair colours that nourish your hair while they colour it prevent harm to the strands. With these nourishing hair colours, you can keep your hair moisturised and shiny and smooth.

In order to keep your hair healthy while colouring it, use the Absolutely Ayur natural hair colour product. Bhringaraj, Amla, Gotukala, Henna and more herbal extracts are included in the formulation of this product. These extracts help protect your hair from drying out and damage. The absence of ammonia in this line's hair dye is an extra perk.


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