How does Customer Service Software Deliver Value to Businesses of All Sizes?

If you are working in or closely related to the customer service department, you must be struggling with the question of how to solve customer’s problems and how to increase Customer Satisfaction? A happy customer becomes the brand promoter but how to make a customer happy? 

An effective  Customer Service Software is the answer to all your customer problems. If you are a mid-sized company or a large company with possibilities of expanding in different markets, you need to know how to create a customer-centric world. The next big question is how to do that!

Brands that are struggling to stay afloat in the market are failing to deliver exceptional customer service across channels. Let your customers choose the channel they prefer and make them feel welcomed across their journey. You need a strategy to make smooth transitions between different channels.

Let’s try to understand how the right Customer Service Software can make you the preferred brand for your customers:

1. Smooth Channel Transition: What it is that the customer value most? Your brand’s presence on the channels that they prefer. If you are failing to preserve the context of the conversation while your customer switches from one channel to another, you are losing on delivering great customer experience.

In a world where a customer is expecting a prompt response, it is important for the brands to be available on multiple channels and ensure that no interaction is missed. With the right context, you can personalize your customer service and resolve customer’s problems quickly. 

For instance, Ron as a customer has inquired about his delivery status on web chat and then 4 hours later, made a call to the customer service department to check for the delivery status. This implies a) this delivery is very urgent, b) he has chosen two channels and he expects the agent to know his interaction history. 

The customer service rep could find his previous interaction history in CRM when Ron calls in and he can assure him that the delivery is on time and that he understands the urgency of the delivery, so, he will try to fasten it by coordinating with the team. Ron finds it pleasing and he becomes your loyal customer forever.

2. Intelligent Call Distribution: Customers feel valued when they are given priority. Do not make them wait in the queue and use routing logic to smartly route them to the best available agents. With a customer service support software powered by an automatic call distributor, you can automate the callback scheduling and let your customers know that they are being valued.

If you work in different geographies and your customer wants to speak to a French-speaking agent, you can route his call on the basis of IVR selection and deliver the service that he is looking for.

If Ron wants to speak to Bryan when he has asked for a callback, you can automate this process with smart ACD and schedule a callback according to Ron’s preferred time. A call will be initiated automatically and it will be patched to Bryan so that Ron gets the customer experience that he has been looking for.

3. Help Customers Help Them: Customers expect 24*7 customer support and you cannot provide a “No” for an answer when they seek support at ode hours. But, you can help them find answers of their own without having to wait for an agent to answer their query. How? Self-service IVR will enable the customer to reach desired answers without involving your agents.

This will also let your agents focus on critical issues while self-service IVR resolves the routine queries. This will also help resolve the queries post business hours and you can send a pre-recorded message to not lose on any customer. 

When Ron wants to check his account balance at 3 AM in the morning, you can let him explore this via self-service IVR and his query is resolved without the need for human interaction. This allows businesses of all sizes to handle larger call volumes in minimum cost and increase customer satisfaction significantly. 

4. Analyze Customer Journeys: Businesses work on different patterns, no matter big or small. It is important for any business to understand the customer’s requirements. How to measure your brand’s effectiveness while you are defining your business strategies?

The answer is simple, 

  1. Analyze your customer behavior on each platform that you provide customer service on. Call center customer service solutions to allow businesses to check a channel’s effectiveness. You can draw a pattern when your customers are transitioning between channels, the reason may include, non-availability of agents, technical error, channel failure, and more. You may lose out on customers that are switching to different brands due to the channel ineffectiveness.
  2. Capture your customer’s invaluable feedback. A simple step of capturing customer’s feedback can give you various insights like 

i) Which product is working for you 

ii) Which agent is performing well

iii) Which strategy is successful

Concluding Thoughts

Customers’ expectations are rising and businesses are implementing different strategies to combat ever-changing expectations. With a customer support software that enables your business to drive meaningful conversations with the customer and right strategic analysis of customers, behaviour can give you the results that you are looking for. Great customer experience comes with great strategies and customer service software is the answer that your business needs. Start implementing today to get the desired results tomorrow.

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