How to Choose a Perfect Smart TV

TVs play a very important role in our life. We all love to watch TV with family, TV time is family time. Earlier when TVs were non-smart choosing them was very easy, only three things were to be considered audio, video, and size. 

With the improvement of technology in LED TVs now selecting from a bunch of them is very difficult. Now so many things have to be considered while purchasing a new smart TV. 

Things like connectivity with devices, storage capacity, processor, audio watts, video resolution, etc. People often get confused about all these options. It takes a lot of money to buy a new smart TV if you choose the one which is not perfect as per your use then?

Now you do not have to worry at all, our team has spent hours and makes the list of things which will help you to choose the ideal Smart LED TV as per your budget and need. Without wasting any time let’s take a look. 

How to Choose a Perfect Smart TV-

Size of Smart LED TV-

Size is the first thing that comes to mind when we go to purchase a new smart TV. In smart TVs size also correlate with video technology, as 4k ultra HD display starts in size minimum of 40-inch smart led TV and HD ready/full HD comes in 32 inches. 

The size of the Smart LED TV also depends on the size of the room. For an average size room, 32-inch smart LED TV is the best. Bigger than 32-inch size depends on the size of the room, the location where you want to keep your TV.

Video Resolution-

When we talk about resolutions there mainly 4 video resolutions that come in Smart LED TVs. HD ready, Full HD, 4k and 8k. 

In HD Ready display we get (1280 x 720 or 720p) resolution, in Full HD we get 1920 x 1080 or 1080p, in 4k we get 3840 × 2160 resolution and in 8k more than all of these. 

The video resolution of Smart LED TVs moves to the next level when Samsung launched its 8k resolution in LED TV. But this is kind of early for 8K resolution because the content which matches the resolution of 8k is not yet available in huge quantity. There are so few people who are making content in 8k. 

Refresh Rate-

The refresh rate is the rate at which the image behind the screen refreshes itself. The video that we watch on screen of LED is not a video but a combination of images that moves at a certain speed that looks like video. That's how videos are created. 

The refresh rate which comes in Smart LED TVs on an average is 50-60Hz. It is good for people who just want to watch normal things on their TV. But some people who like to play games and watch animated movies or the stuff of Hollywood or highly animated videos they should go more than 60+ of Hz. 

Users who do gaming as a profession goes even more than 120+ Hz of refresh rate. 


Watching TV without amazing sound is incomplete. Any TV if not producing the ideal sound that matches the level of video is not a good TV. 

The simplest thing to ensure that the audio quality is good; all you have to do is to check the wattage of speakers. Must get at least 20 watts of the speaker on a smart TV. Also always purchase the LED TV which has Dolby Audio Sound System, it is the best sound system in an LED TV.

If the speaker is not Dolby than in most of the cases they start producing distorted sound. 

Brands of LED TV-

In this competitive era so many brands are available in the market for smart LED TV. But some are superior to others like Samsung, Sony, LG, etc. They have acquired the majority of smart LED TV market share. If the budget is not a problem then you must go with brands like Sony, Samsung, and LG.

In lower budget brands like MI, TCL, Thomson, iFFALCON have acquired the market share. They provide the same features as Samsung, Sony as but at way less price than them. Reviews about all these companies are very positive. Other than these are not reputed companies in this market. 


In non-smart TVs, remote does not matter that much, but in Smart LED TVs they matter. Now TVs come with voice-based remote technology, in which you can operate your Smart LED TV with your voice. 

They even come with shortcut keys of Netflix, YouTube, etc. You can even operate your smart Home with Smart TV. Smart Speakers also get connected with Smart LED TVs. 

These are the main things that you must check before purchasing a Smart LED TV. The selection of Smart TV must be done with proper knowledge and also compare different models of different companies so that you can get a clear image of them. If you want to purchase a TV, you can check The Best Smart LED TV.

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