How To Become An Amazon Seller?

If you want to start a side hustle to increase your income, you might be interested in starting your own e-commerce business. 

In case this idea has already struck your mind, and you are looking for a complete guide about how to sell on Amazon, then you have landed on the right page. 

People who sell on Amazon reap the benefits of the lucrative opportunity to scale your business in days. 

However, you should have an adequate budget, do a lot of research, and be consistent to successfully sell on Amazon. 

A lot of people who want to start their venture quit shortly, even before having the chance to succeed. 

If you really want to sell on Amazon like a pro, this blog will answer all your queries step-by-step about how to sell on Amazon.

Find a Product to Sell on Amazon

As you have decided to sell on Amazon, the first step is to determine what you should sell. This initial stage requires massive research, and the finding will set foundations for the entire process. You will need to research the product, keywords, competition, and market trends before deciding on anything. 

But before you start formulating the ideas, you should be well aware of various selling methods,

Retail arbitrage is great for Amazon newbies. RA refers to the process when you visit retail stores, buy discounted products, resell them on Amazon. This is a great way to get your feet wet with Amazon with little investment. 

Private labels are considered the most scalable model for people to sell on Amazon. You will find a generic product and its manufacturer to make the products at lower prices. Then you add your logo and business information on the product and sell on Amazon under your name.

Wholesale means you pick up products directly from a major brand at wholesale price and sell them on Amazon. 

Open an Amazon Account

After choosing the product and deciding on the program, you will want to get an official  Seller Central account. You will add your products, manage inventory, track orders, and view your reports. 

You will sign up with a valid email address. After that, you will be prompted to add some important information, like:

  • Business name and address
  • Credit card/bank information
  • Telephone number
  • Tax information (If you have an LLC, add your EIN. If not, you can use your SSN)

Amazon will deposit the payment into your bank accounts directly after deducting the fees (if applicable)

During signup, you will also be asked to choose the account type from two options: 

An individual account will allow you to list 20 product categories. Besides, it restricts the user to selling up to 40 items a month, and you will be charged a fee per item sold. The fee may vary depending upon the fact that whether you have opted for Fulfillment by Amazon or Fulfillment by a merchant. 

The professional account allows you to create 30 product categories and sell additional restricted categories upon approval. This plan can cost you $39.99 per month. 

Choose Your Fulfillment Method

You can choose either Fulfillment by Amazon or Fulfillment by the merchant. 

Fulfillment by Amazon means that you will send your products to Amazon, and they will ship them on your behalf. Amazon will take the responsibilities of picking, packing, and shipping your products whenever you get an order. 

By Fulfillment by Merchant,  you will be able to list your products on Amazon and handle all the aspects of order fulfillment and storage yourself.

Create Product Listings

Log into the seller central and start creating a product listing that is the product pages your users see while making the purchase. You should give all necessary information to the buyers, including materials, dimensions, ingredients, and anything else related to the product. A product listing will consist of the following:

  • Title
  • Bullet points
  • Product descriptions
  • Backend keywords
  • Photography

Find a Manufacturer

The next step is to find a manufacturer to get the inventory. You can choose from various options available, but the most common ones are Alibaba and Aliexpress. Choose a legitimate supplier and start ordering fewer products to check the product quality. 

While ordering the products, you should have the inspection team to ensure that the products are of good quality. While you take a look at the price, don’t forget to add Amazon FBA fees. If you don’t know about fees, you can calculate them with an FBA fee calculator to make an informed decision. 

Optimize the Listing

Search for relevant keywords and write SEO-friendly content while complying with the rules of Amazon. However, you can also list builder tools to ease product listing and focus more on optimization. 

Start Selling on Amazon

Market your products on different platforms to drive traffic to your store. You can run PPC campaigns or offer free giveaways to attract potential customers. 

Wrapping Up

As you have now learned all the steps about how to sell on Amazon, it’s the right time to dive a bit deeper into the process. Get as much information as you can, ask questions from experts about how to sell on Amazon, research the information on the internet to get ready for the huge success. 

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