Friendly Home Modifications for Seniors Aging in Place

Every home with an elderly loved one is most likely going to be a fun experience. Listening to grandma or grandpa go on about their stories from their youth could be very amusing. It is also a great way to spend quality time with them. However, our homes may have risks that can present great dangers for our beloved seniors. While they may be strong and able enough to take care of themselves, there is never such a thing as taking too much caution.


When making our home safer for our elderly loved ones, we need to focus on finding the risky areas first. One of the most common places an accident can happen in is the bathroom. With its slippery floors and bathtubs, we must make sure that our elders have something they can hold on to for safety, such as a handle. Other places that may present risks are the kitchen, where there may be uneven floors or cracked tiles, and the stairway, which can be a place where our elders suffer a fall. Once we have identified these places, we can then make the necessary adjustments to make them safer for our elders.


Once the adjustments are intact, we can then capitalize on other home improvement ideas such as investing in assistive technology. Assistive technology has been one of the advantages that this generation has developed over the past few years. With these tools, not only are we assured of our loved ones' safety, but they can also contact us right away if they need help with something. So, what are some of the assistive technology that we can use with our elders?


First of all, there are medical alert systems that are very affordable and still very helpful. A medical alert system monitors our independent loved ones and will reach out to any pre-set contacts or emergency services in case an accident happens. Even if our seniors are taken care of by home care assistance in CT, having this alert system could still be a helpful tool.


There are other assistive technology tools that we can use such as smart home devices and Hoyer lifts. Although the best way to support our elderly loved ones is still, hiring a caregiver for them. CT home care for elders can provide the best caregivers for your loved ones so you can rest assured that they are well taken care of.


To learn how you can make your home safer for your elderly loved ones, here's an infographic by Euro-American Connections & Homecare.


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