Factors to Consider Before Enrolling for Distance MBA Courses

Due to rapid internet growth and the subsequent tech boom, people are now taking a renewed interest in distance MBA courses. Over the years, there has been a positive perceptional change about distance MBA and, as a result, today it enjoys far greater acceptability not only among the student community but also in the corporate world. 

As online MBA is steadily climbing the popularity chart, there is a need to grow awareness among students in order to help them in getting the best out of the distance MBA courses. As part of this noble pursuit, we’d like to shed light on critical factors that students need to take into account before taking admission in online MBA course.
Giving due importance to these factors will help students in leveraging maximum benefit from correspondence MBA and thereby securing their future. Therefore, anyone even remotely interested in pursuing a Distance MBA needs to stay glued to this blog post.

Reputation & Stature of The University

The last thing that you want to do is enroll for an online MBA in a university or college that neither enjoys any standing in the job market nor acceptability in the corporate world. Such a disastrous move will obviously spell doom for your career. It is, therefore, immensely important to verify the credibility of the university that you’re planning to enroll. 

What is the NAAC accreditation of the university?  Does the university or college have the required pedigree in conducting courses in niche areas like distance education and what has been the university’s overall contribution in the field of education? 

Addressing these questions satisfactorily will help students in verifying the true standing of the university and whether or not they should opt for admission.

Regulatory Approval

While you’re busy verifying the reputation of universities, don’t forget to equally make sure that the long distance MBA course offered by your preferred university is approved by the necessary regulators.UGC &AITCE are India’s topmost regulators that govern and regulate higher education courses including MBA. Your MBA degree won’t have any real value in the job market unless it is approved by these two regulators. Despite the approval being mandatory, many gullible and ignorant students unfortunately opt for MBA degrees that are not approved by UGC &AITCE.


Campus Placement Track Record

Even though distance MBA may not boost exactly a flattering campus placement record as compared to full-time MBA, it can still provide students with secured and even high paying jobs. However, providing campus placement jobs on a sustainable basis is not a small task and not all colleges are cut out for it. Students obviously need to select only those colleges and universities that command considerable clout in the corporate world and have tie-ups with reputed MNCs. At a border level, the ability of campus placement essentially again boils down to the reputation and stature of the university, a point that has already been covered. 

It is also important to note that many institutes try to peddle exaggerated claims about their campus placement to lure students and students should be wary about such marketing gimmicks.


Technology Infrastructure

Today technology is no more an option but an integral part of the modern education pursuit. This is more so true in the case of distance education. Distance education, simply put, is a highly technology intensive medium and students therefore can’t afford to overlook the aspect of ‘technology’while pursuing admission in their preferreduniversity.

An efficient technology essentiallypaves way for superior learning experience, which is invariably result of many technical oriented features like live classes, digital library, dedicated mobile app, recorded lectures, online academic calendar and interactive discussion forum.
Students should reassure that their tentatively chosen college and university offers all these facilities to ensure that they will be receiving best distance learning experience. 


Teaching Faculty Members

Whilerobust technology is a critical factor, the quality of any educational pursuit ultimately rests on teachers and professors. It is teachers who eventually have to carry the burden of the students’expectations, while technology at best plays a facilitating role. Therefore, it isimportant for students to ascertain whether the faculty members have the experience of imparting superior management knowledge to students. Furthermore, whether theuniversitywill conduct regular webinar session by industry veterans to provide with deep insight incurrentindustry trends.

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