Exploring the Difference Between Satchel, Hobo and Tote Handbags

So many handbags to choose from, have you ever wondered what makes them different from each other? They are differentiated based on fabric, size, colour, and utility. They come in so many colours so choosing which one to choose can become difficult and confusing. Different bags come with different names and utility. Be it hobo bag, satchel bag or tote bag. 

Let us explore these handbags that should be on your must-buy and what makes them different from each other.

Defining the bags

What is a hobo bag?

These bags are identified by their curved shape and slouchy posture that can be carried on the shoulder with straps. Hobo bags are becoming quite trendy. Large-sized, soft material and flexible in taking shape, these bags can easily slouch and folded. 

These bags are called hobo because they look like bag sacks, which are carried by hobos on the stick. These bags are curvy, fun and look very stylish.

What is a satchel bag?

Satchel bags are quite popular among women. If you dig history, satchel has always been popular, earlier it was used by students for carrying books nowadays they are quite a fashion trend. Since this bag comes in all range of sizes, they can carry a lot of things for you. From mid-size to large sizes, these bags can be easily carried with shoulder straps attached to it. 

You can carry books, laptops and many other things that are needed for everyday job routines. These are best for complimenting your office look and make you look more stylish and confident. 

What are tote bags?

Generally made of nylon and cotton these bags are best carried on the shoulder with two straps attached on each side of the bag. Quite sturdy these bags can carry anything for you. These are large-sized bags that can carry the heavy load for you. 

They come in beautiful designs and colours, so you can choose a different bag for different days and give yourself a quirky outlook. 

Use of hobo bags

An exciting collection in your closet, hobo bags, is quite fashionable. These bags can be paired with your outfit for any formal or casual occasion. Because of its flexible shape, these bags are best for every occasion or all your personal needs. While shopping these bags can stuff many things for you, since these are expandable and can easily adjust with shape.

While travelling or taking a tour, these bags can help you carry heavy things like water bottle, camera and snack along with a novel, journal, keys, charger and any other essential that you might require during travel. And if you are thinking these bags are just for a casual look, you can easily turn this casual bag into a formal bag for your office dinners.

Use of totes bags

Large in size, these bags are best when carried for shopping, that’s why these are also known to be as shopping bags. These are quite handy especially while travelling, shopping or while hitting the beach. Carrying these bags is easy since you can easily carry them on your shoulder with straps. 

You can easily stuff all your things and you are good to go. These bags come with minimal pockets so arranging things can become difficult. They come in different colours and sizes so you can buy a bag according to your needs. So next time you are running errands on weekend or partying with friends on the beach these bags are convenient while carrying things around. 

Use of satchel bags

These bags are quite versatile and look classy while carrying; these satchel handbags are quite popular among men and women for complimenting their office going outfit. You can make your overall look more stylish while carrying your laptop every day to the office.

The only problem is that you will require carrying two bags, one satchel bag for laptop and another handbag for carrying things that will be required by you every day. They are highly durable and sturdy which can easily carry the heavy load for you. 

A touch of glamour and serving the purpose of carrying important things needed by you while in office, this bag is perfect for you. While buying a satchel bag, ensure that your bag with high quality; this will help in maintaining its durability. 


Choose a bag that best suits your needs. With the difference between these bags, you can easily make a good choice and find a bag worth investing your money in. A bag should reflect your personality and should serve the purpose for which you are buying. 

Before buying a bag keep in mind the budget, brand, and usefulness of the bag. 

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