Equipment required to set up a commercial restaurant kitchen

Body: A restaurant kitchen, whether medium-sized or large, carefully designed is one thing, but having the right equipment is another. The overall objective, however, is to help your staff consistently deliver hundreds of meals at one time. If you’re looking to develop an efficient, heavy-duty commercial kitchen, here’s a brief note on some of the equipment required according to the different processes.  

Food preparation equipment plays a vital role between fresh food ingredients brought into the kitchen and kept ready for either cooking or serving directly into a hotel or restaurant. The range of pre-preparation equipment varies from potato peeler, multi-utility grinder, dough kneeder, chappati or roti making machine, meat slicer, rice washer, coconut scrapper, vegetable cutter, peeler, masala grinder, vegetable washer, dicing machine, instant rice pulveriser, and several more.

If you’re a chef in a commercial kitchen, you may well know the differences between the “must-have” and “nice-to-have” pre-preparation equipment, depending on what style of food the kitchen wanted to deliver.

Meat preparation:
Most restaurant, hotel or industrial canteen owners choose to buy meat and poultry items in bulk quantities assuming that it may save on costs. Whilst this can achieve the cost-saving objective to a certain extent, the reality is you cannot for long avoid investing in meat preparation equipment including meat mincer and bone saw.  

Food processing:
Food processing broadly defines the processing machines, systems, components and tools needed to handle, prepare, cook, store and package food and other items. Even though the process is mainly aimed towards changing the way a commercial or central kitchen is run and maintained such as maintaining the taste of the food prepared, edibility, preservation or increasing the shelf life of food products, food processing equipment carry out a whole lot of preliminary and additional functions including handling, food preparation, and finally packaging.

Cooking equipment:
Cooking kitchen equipment broadly refers to appliances with gas heating or electric sources that are applicable in commercial kitchens. The choice of cooking equipment may range from boiling pan, cooking kettle, combination oven, pressure Bratt pan, Griddle and cooking mixers. It is important to choose the right equipment for maximum kitchen efficiency, both in ease of food preparation as well as energy.

Baking equipment usually consists of spiral mixers that are used for effectively mixing larger amounts of dough in quick time. Proofers go into the fermentation of dough through controlled humidity and warm temperature for bagels, pastries, rolls, bread, croissants, etc. Multi-function ovens are great for cooking, heating and baking different cuisines and dishes.

Quick Service:
Most pizza, Chinese food restaurants and fast food centres need fast-casual and quick service operations. Equipment including Salamander, Pressure fryer, Griddle, Kebab machine, Pizza Dough Sheeter, Conveyor Pizza Oven, Fryers, Planetary Mixer, Coffee machine, Juice Dispenser, Citrus juicer, Centrifugal juicer, Blender, Rotisserie, Multisserie, Conveyor Toaster, Marinator, Display warmer, Breading table and Contact Toaster enable quick service operations effectively.

Dish & Warewashing:
Dish and warewashing equipment, though may be bit expensive, establishes a routine everyday cleaning procedure that is central to maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of the kitchen. Dishwasher, Glass washer, and pot and pan washer make a great line of utensil washing machines in hotels and restaurants, industrial canteens, bakery, QSR chains, RTE and RTC, catering companies, institutions and hospital kitchens.

To conclude
The above mentioned range of restaurant kitchen equipment has helped traditional kitchens transform themselves into new-age, sophisticated heavy duty commercial kitchens riding on the service quotient, tech advancements and culinary innovations. To have them all or most of them will of course depends on your actual requirement and budget. Essmm Corporation is one of the leading hotel kitchen equipment manufacturers in South India with Cosmos as its custom globally accredited brand.

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