Don’t Think You Need a Stand Mixer in your Kitchen?

You might want to think again! This is especially true if you are a masterful cook who loves to bake various kinds of delicacies. If you actually come to think about it, this piece of equipment is a kitchen workhorse. Yes, they are a favourite among those who make sweet treats on a regular basis but they can even be used to knead bread dough and putting together a batch of mashed potatoes.

Here is everything you need to know about these mixers and whether or not you really need them as part of your kitchen arsenal.

You find them with all kinds of attachments

A majority of the stand mixers come with three attachments. This includes the flat/paddle beater, the balloon whisk as well as the dough hook. The whisk blends a great deal of air into batters, the paddle is good for mixing, while the dough hook makes certain that the dough is pulled in and kneaded in the middle of the bowl.

You can even invest in an additional bowl if you bake a lot. You can try out the various attachments that already come with your model. This makes it seamless and even fun to make the most of your recipes and come up with various possibilities.

It is a mess-free and hands-free experience

One of the best reasons why purchasing a stand mixer makes sense is because it offers you a mess-free and hands-free experience. All it takes is a little effort and you can blend even the thickest mixtures seamlessly. The best part is that you do not even have to get your hands dirty.

With a dough hook, you can effortlessly knead dough for recipes without having to get your hands in the flour. This ensures you can whip up amazing cakes without getting frosting on your hands. This is possible owing to the upright construction of the mixer and the beaters that do all of the hard work for you. You can also easily add ingredients that are hot, messy and sticky into the mix.

It offers better mixing power and control

You gain more efficient and controlled mixing power, making it easy for you to take the weight off your hands as well as arms. Having a potent 250 watt motor that comes with 12 different speeds ensure you can tackle the toughest dough and blend it together seamlessly. Bowl selector and tilt locking ensures you gain total control as well as convenience.

With better stand mixers, you obtain further advantages that enable more control over your mixing.

They are dependable and efficient

While you can rely on this kitchen appliance to offer you impeccable power and outstanding performance, you can also trust that it is going to be efficient and reliable for years to come. Put together with the most top-notch superior quality materials, its construction is put together keeping optimal durability in mind. It proves to be effective with recipes containing whipped cream and chocolate mousse cake.

It can be used for everyday cooking needs while it also ensures you save a great deal of energy, relieving strain caused to your arm muscles. In this way, you obtain superior quality dishes in a time efficient manner, without putting in too much effort in the bargain.

Other things to know about stand mixers

Stand mixers come in an array of models depending on bowl capacities, colors and prices. Most of the models are resilient enough to withstand plenty of use and can even last a lifetime. You can make it work on various speeds. This includes slow, medium and high speed. While the slow speed works best for adding ingredients into the mix, medium works for mixing and blending ingredients together. High speed makes it easy to get a lot of air into your recipe and works to create volume.

So, there you go. Now that you have come to a decision on whether you want to buy a stand mixer or not, see that you pay attention to the above mentioned factors. You will surely find everything you need to know about this piece of equipment before you buy a stand mixer online.

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