Do not know how to make money while blogger?

Do you remember the records you filled at school and where did you have to tell your parents' profession? Do not be surprised when the children begin to respond " blogger " in a little while.

The truth is that since the arrival of the Internet we have verified changes at all levels. If the blogosphere used to work as a set of non-profit personal journals, today sharing knowledge, content or interests can serve as a motto for people who do not know how to make money online.

In this article, we leave you some creative ideas on how to monetize your blog without losing your identity and without having to turn it into a sales portal. If you are looking for a way to make extra money at the end of the month or if you are about to blog your profession, you cannot miss reading this post to the end. Take the step in the direction of success and know which tools you can and should use in your favor. Remember that knowledge is a weapon, and from now on you only have to put it into practice.

Did you know that several studies indicate that there are more than one billion blogs? And of this number, only a slice of 18% of bloggers already live partly or entirely on your blog's earnings, but there may be many more in the future.

As a blogger I launched SK Web Designing Solutions that providesSoda Logo Designs services in order to earn money. Here’s the details that I followed to run it successfully.

Affiliate Marketing

The Affiliate Marketing is one of the best bets for bloggers who want to make money on the Internet. By joining affiliate platforms, you are becoming an intermediary of a certain product. Conclusion: Whenever a buyer comes to the page of that product through the link of your website, some of the money will be for you.

The great advantage of this system is that you do not need to own a product to sell. Let's imagine that he is a movie buff and has a blog where he reviews movies and series. Just go to the FNAC affiliate link, for example, and whenever you're recommending a movie because you actually liked it, insert the link.

Another example of successful affiliate programs is BETCLIC, which, for example, through welcome bonuses, can draw a lot of attention from its target audience, thus providing an excellent tool for content promoters.

Just like in the real world, people also buy on the Internet by recommendation. Before buying a movie, it is only natural that they look for reviews to know if the purchase is worth it. Another possibility is the combination of the various strategies presented. Why not work on multiple fronts and use, for example, Google AdWords to promote a review where you have your affiliate link?

A digital strategy that builds on these three pillars, and is regularly exploited by the blogger, will be able to bring a profitable return in the medium / long term.

My initial plan was to run an affiliate marketing program when I first launched Alligator Logos brand but the bulk of traffic changed my mind and I decided to run & operate it as a proper brand.

Google Adwords


The Google AdWords is Google 's sponsored links tool. What is it for? Advertising. But not only.

The next time you do a search on Google, look at the top results and the side results: Those that are marked as "ad" were generated from AdWords.

In addition to allowing you to create the advertising for your site, this tool gives you the possibility to discover which keywords are most searched on Google. With this knowledge, you can optimize posts by following Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies and bet on actions that will bring you more traffic to your blog.

Google AdSense


The Google AdSense is one of the most known among bloggers. Easy to use, this Google service establishes a partnership between your website and the Internet giant.

Just insert the banner on the page to start profiting. In exchange for the space provided on your page, Googlepays you a certain amount for each click done by your visitors.

The ads you see cannot be chosen by the site owner, but you can block competitors or ad groups that might be harmful to your blog's theme.

Have you ever wondered if, for example, you had a website where you talked about healthy food, and by chance one of the banners appeared on an advertisement for a brand of chocolates? Well, do not worry, this is not going to happen.

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