Digital Marketing Tactics to Keep in Mind

You must have your local or digital company

Today every business must have a website. There are many options for any size of companies, twists and budgets. Personally, I always suggest that you hire a professional in WordPress, as I think it is one of the best content platforms, but there are also very cheap and even free options where you can get yourself a website: business , wix , weebly or yola .

Optimize your website to mobile devices

A website that does not look good on a cell phone is fatal, you can lose visits. Take care that the templates you use for your website are optimized for mobile or do not forget to request this from the company that designs your website. Today, Google is already penalizing sites that are not mobile-oriented.

You must create and share content

If you want to be found, you must constantly share valuable information for your users on your website, either through a blog or video blog, but it is essential to keep your site moving.

This part is the most complicated for SMEs, since they lack personnel, strategy and budget, but I do not want to lie to you, if you do not give movement to your website creating and sharing valuable content, such as news of your company, the sector, articles, tips, advice, videos or incentives, the reality is that you will be left with a nice electronic brochure that will not be found by anyone on the internet.

Have a tactic to prospect through your website

The goal of your website is not just to inform is to prospect. It includes a subscription incentive and convert visits into leads, that is, emails that you can fall in love with over time. An incentive depending on your type of business can be an eBook, report, free trial, course, coupons or advice. Use your imagination, but offer something very attractive so they want to leave your email.

Use Landing Page to make your campaigns more attractive and effective

These pages allow you to focus on the information you are looking for when doing a campaign, whether it is an incentive or advertising campaign. You can design pages that focus on making your offer more attractive and that are where interested visitors land to leave their data and obtain the promised benefits. There are many services for this, such as: instapage, lander or maxi bound.

Plan Email Marketing campaigns

Fall in love before selling to your subscribers through email marketing campaigns that generate confidence in your brand. Use ESP platforms (Email Service Provider) so that all the leads you capture go to a list of prospects and then do email marketing campaigns with them. The ones I recommend are mail chimp and constactcontact.

Social networks are the best vehicle to amplify your content

Have a presence where you can highlight your brand more and where you use your ideal market. But the most important thing is to choose those in which you have more opportunity to highlight your differential and which you have time to manage and create content. Do not try to be in all, choose wisely.

Your audience is not numbers, they are people waiting to be heard

Dedicate time to your networks and talk to your community constantly, as part of the habits of your company. You can use social network managers as a hoot suite to monitor, publish and respond to your audiences from various social networks in one place.

Make attractive promotions on your social networks

Create contests, offers or promotions exclusively for your communities in social networks activates your participation and engagement. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn offer very suitable proposals for almost any objective you seek with your advertising in them. And if it is about contests you can support yourself in these applications: easy promos or blonder.

Create advertising campaigns in AdWords

The truth is that one of the requirements to sell on the internet is to be found, so invest in your brand positioning with campaigns very well segmented in AdWords. Depending on your type of business and the objective you seek, study clearly the type of campaign that suits you best, but invest in your brand.

Author Bio: This article has been written by DaniyalBuksh a professional content strategist and digital marketer at flights to Sweden from London.

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