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With the rise of remote work, professions related to digital environments were favored. The way of working changed and, within the most privileged sectors for this modality, is Digital Marketing, where various roles began to specialize, which are expected to be the most demanded by 2021

General Digital Marketing Profiles

The following profiles stand out both in marketing campaigns and in different online advertising strategies.

Marketing Manager

One of the roles with the greatest responsibility is that of Marketing Manager. In addition to coordinating the work team, he is in permanent communication with the SEO and SEM areas. It is responsible for creating marketing campaigns tailored to the target audience and must be constantly updated to detect new market trends.

Some of its functions are:

  •   Team management
  •   Track KPI and Analytics.
  •   Study and research the market.
  •   Develop strategies to improve ROI.
  •   Create Social Media strategies
  •   Implement Content Marketing and SEO positioning actions.
  •   Define strategies oriented towards the end customer, based on the study of the life cycle of consumers.

Chief Digital Officer

The Chief Digital Officer (CDO) or digital chief has the function of being a digital director of the company. Although the general guidelines are set by the CEO of the company, the CDO is in charge of the transformation of the processes towards digital environments looking for new opportunities.

His role is often confused with that of Marketing Manager; however, the CDO does not carry out marketing or social media strategies. In any case, it is important that you have knowledge in these areas and also about web analytics, e-commerce, digital writing and business management.

Some of your common tasks are:

  •   Leadership in the digitization process of the entire company.
  •   Design and direction of the digital strategy.
  •   Ability to adapt to long-term changes.
  •   Evaluation and decision-making based on the data and analytics collected.
  •   ROI measurement to replace manual processes.
  •   I work collaboratively with other areas of the company to distinguish priorities during digitization.

AI specialist 

If we talk about digital innovation, Artificial Intelligence is the one chosen by companies in their long-term vision.

With the advantage of adapting to multiple sectors, it remains a complex tool that requires professionals who can implement it successfully.

When it comes to digital marketing, it is necessary for an AI specialist to design the models for collecting user data. Then, with that information, you can understand the behavior of potential customers according to their tastes and preferences, and build more effective campaigns aimed at them.

Another use of AI in digital marketing applies to Machine Learning for omnichannel campaigns.

Within the functions of the AI specialist, there are tasks such as:

  • Development of intelligent solutions (Machine Learning and Deep Learning).
  • Design of automated learning solutions.
  • Development of intelligent prototypes, such as Chatbots.
  • Identification of new trends and their possible uses in the company.
  • Collaboration with other areas, such as engineering, sales team and business plan.

eCommerce Manager

With online shopping already installed in people's daily lives, eCommerce sites are in a constant battle to remain in the top positions of search engines, in addition to worrying about providing more and more shopping facilities.

Due to this circumstance and with the aim of improving profitability, companies began to adopt the role of eCommerce Manager to carry out electronic commerce and to be responsible for different tasks:

  • Define KPIs and sales strategies.
  • Track KPI and Analytics.
  • Study and research the market.
  • Develop strategies to improve ROI.
  • Manage direct and indirect sales.
  • Manage the CMS.
  • Manage SEM campaigns.
  • Implement Content Marketing and SEO positioning actions.

CRM Manager

A CRM Manager is in charge of analyzing and using the data obtained from a CRM "Customer Relationship Management" program. Based on them, and taking into account the characteristics of the market to study behavior patterns and customer needs, it carries out the following activities:

  • Define strategies oriented towards the end customer, based on the study of the life cycle of consumers.
  • Propose actions to attract inactive users.
  • Design the communication according to the segmentation and the target audience.
  • Optimize the CRM tool and design marketing campaigns aimed at attracting and retaining customers.

Growth hacker

A Growth Hacker is the link between customer needs and all digital marketing profiles. He is in charge of designing strategies through different actions to achieve the growth of a company.

Unlike other digital marketing profiles, he is involved with the product and works with constant testing and testing to define strategies. It has a strong analytical ability to make adjustments during the process and predict future results.

Some of his daily instructions are:

  • Study the competition and the market.
  • Define short and medium term growth objectives.
  • Be in permanent contact with the SEO and SEM areas.
  • Focus on a specific target or segmentation.
  • Study Inbound Marketing strategies to viralize the product.
  • Propose constant improvements.

Project Manager

The Project Manager or Project Manager is in charge of knowing the needs and objectives of consumers and then managing the marketing team. Its objective is to be in all the details to ensure compliance with the requirements and deadlines agreed with each client.

Digital Product Manager

His main objective is focused on designing new digital products, which is why his profile has become very important in the sector. Analyze KPIs and make decisions to implement improvement actions.

It works hand in hand with the marketing department to plan new campaigns and launch new products. Research the market to understand user needs and tailor products to provide solutions to them. 

Profiles related to Content Creation 

Every time we browse and stop to read an article, or use search engines and find the solution to what we are looking for, we come into contact with the magic of content creation profiles. Providing quality content to attract and resolve user concerns generates engagement with companies. 

Content Manager

The Content Manager is responsible for the entire content strategy of a company.

Fundamentally, it creates, edits and coordinates the content of interest in order to add value to users.
Its main functions include:

  • The design of the global content strategy and with marketing objectives.
  • The development of a content plan with a definition of keywords and buyer persona.
  • Follow-up of the publication schedule.
  • Optimizing content for SEO.
  • Supervision of the writing team.
  • The revision of the grammar and the quality of the contents.
  • The measurement of the results of the strategies based on the goals set.
  • Compliance with the established frequency for the creation of the material.

E-mail Marketing Specialist 

He is in charge of managing the E-mail Marketing campaigns and the design of the emails. It uses analytics, such as the open rate, and has access to the database to segment the campaigns and apply remarketing actions.

It is a profile that knows automation tools, understands metrics, and can quickly detect and fix problems. He has a multitasking and proactive personality.

Inbound Marketing Specialist 

An Inbound Marketing specialist aims to create the sales funnel and achieve user loyalty. Implement attraction actions and guide customers through the funnel to achieve their conversion.

Its main tasks include:

  • Define the buyer persona.
  • Define the KPIs and metrics that will be used to track goals.
  • Understand the customer journey and its main touchpoints.
  • Qualify the leads in the database to find the ones with the highest value.
  • Apply actions for customer loyalty.
  • Work alongside the content creation profiles.


He is the copywriter who applies neuromarketing knowledge to create persuasive texts that attract and seduce users. Their role is present in almost all the channels and the contents of the company. It works in coordination with the Inbound Marketing team and adapts to the general and specific objectives of the company.

Perform A / B tests to optimize conversion based on content and collaborate with specialists in copywriting, SEO, SEM, email marketing and UX writing.


Editors are responsible for creating valuable content on a specific topic. Each material must comply with at least one of the four pillars: entertain, convince, inspire or educate. They are usually journalists or SEO copywriters.

In general, they are in contact with the entire marketing and communication area, and are requested for different tasks such as, for example, creating infographics, blog articles, e-books or video scripts.

UX Writer

A UX Writer works on product design with UX designers and UX Research. Use different tools to get to know users, such as qualitative and quantitative tests, and then design the words for the digital interfaces.

Its main objective is to capture the voice and tone of the company in digital products. Use clear, concise, and useful language for the audience.

He is in charge of guiding users through the product so that they can achieve their goals, such as placing an order. The correct choice of texts benefits the company because the user understands the site and remains comfortable in it. This leads me to use it again, and in the best case, to recommend it.

Guest Blogging Leader

Guest Blogging is a link building technique used to exchange content with authors of value or weight in the market. It consists of one company publishing material on the blog of another and vice versa. In this way, the content is promoted in another domain, favoring SEO strategies.

A Guest Blogging leader is in charge of finding sites with content related to the company's theme and, in addition, analyzing the value and traffic they receive. Work directly with copywriters and SEO specialists.

Has knowledge of Google Analytics metrics, different KPIs and SEO strategies. He also prepares a summary of the brand to offer the author with whom he intends to exchange material.

SEO specialist 

SEO specialists work to improve the organic ranking of a website. Its main working tool is keywords.

  • Perform keyword analysis to create content and research the competition. 
  • Has knowledge of HTML for web optimization and reports.
  • Define the link building strategy, since Google values the link with quality links as positive.
  • Interpret web analytics to measure the results of different actions. 
  • Provides advice to the other areas related to content.
  • You are informed of the latest updates in search engine algorithms.

Profiles for Social Media

Social media manager

Define the strategies to be implemented in the social profiles of the company.

In order to evaluate which are the best actions that can be carried out, it is based on the correct reading of the KPIs and other analytical metrics that are witnesses to the functioning of the campaigns and the fulfillment of their objectives.

In addition, he is in charge of controlling the budget for advertising on social networks, defining and segment the buyer persona, and deciding which digital tools will be used. You have knowledge of design programs, such as Photoshop; and management tools, such as Excel or Google Sheets.

Community Manager

The Community Manager is in charge of managing social networks. It is the person who has a direct connection with users on behalf of the company. For this reason, you must know the brand, its voice and its tone well.

He is there to provide solutions and suggestions online, and to answer questions. He works in permanent contact with the Social Media Manager, monitoring customer interactions with the brand and preparing reports. In addition, he has knowledge of the administration of blogs, discussion forums and reviews. 

It uses management tools for the publication of content, such as the Google Calendar, and is in charge of applying the protocol of the crisis manual in case problems arise with a user. 

Regarding links, he is responsible for cultivating and strengthening relationships with influencers who are aligned with the company. Many times, it is thanks to the original performance of Community Managers that brands go viral.

Social analytics 

It is in charge of analyzing the data that have to do with the interaction of users with the brand on social networks. Define the metrics and tools to use, such as Google Analytics. In addition to evaluating the information, you must be able to propose new strategies, improvements and solutions.

Through statistics and observation, valuable data can be obtained about the reaction of users to the content. For example, detect which generated the most interest and measure the commercial impact of the products.

Profiles for the area of Paid Advertising 

Media Planner

He is in charge of planning the payment strategy in the different digital media and his task is to define which will be the platforms where the brand or product will be advertised. Its main objective is to optimize the budget and achieve good results.

In order to achieve your goal, you analyze user behaviours, monitor campaigns, evaluate KPIs and keep an eye on new trends. It also prepares an improvement plan and presents a report of the results in the short and medium-term.


A specialist in SEM-PPC "Search Engine Marketing" or PPC "Pay Per Click" executes the paid campaigns to obtain the best results from different tactics.

Its main tool is Google Ads, where it creates campaigns and ad groups on the Display, Search, Google Shopping and Videos network. He combines his skills with SEO strategies and uses keywords to climb search engine positions and place ads.


Its main task is to increase the display of the brand or the product according to the objective sought. Before taking any action, he is in charge of planning the campaigns together with other digital marketing profiles. Use A / B testing to evaluate performance and then optimize based on the results.

It is a fairly new role in the sector, but it already has subdivisions: Traffickers specialized in Social Ads, Google Ads or eCommerce.


Users are increasingly present in digital channels and companies demand new positions that adjust to the different tasks required for the optimization, innovation and performance of their strategies.

Not only did remote work increase, but also distance training and education. Now it is possible to find a specialty that fits the job that most attracts you to do.

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