Corona Alert - These Food Items Weaken Your Immunity System, Leave Soon

More than 23 lakh people have been infected by Coronavirus all over the world. In India too, its number of patients has increased to 15,000. Coronavirus has killed more than 1.5 lakh people all over the world so far. The coronavirus is making prey to older people. Health experts have claimed that people whose immune system is weak, they are coming under the grip of coronavirus.

The people who have died due to the coronavirus also had the problem of a weak immunity system. Human diet can also be responsible for the poor immune system

Learn here what kind of food spoils the human immune system

Fast Food

Most fast food, including drinks and sides, are loaded with carbohydrates with little to no fiber. Sugar is mostly used to make fast food and the amount of fiber in them is very less. Fast food slowly deteriorates the body's immune system.

Alcohol or Smoking

Alcohol or Smoking can affect your health in many different ways. Most people are aware that excessive drinking and smoking can damage your liver and digestive system. Consumption of alcohol or smoking also worsens your immunity system. Therefore, keep a distance from such things as soon as possible.



Soda may be responsible for weakening the immune system. The amount of sugar in soda is very high, which also increases the sugar level in the insulin in the human body.


Some people are very fond of drinking coffee. Maybe those people are unaware that the caffeine found in coffee affects the immune system. So it is very better to control coffee drinking.

Sealed Pickles

Many people like to take pickles with food, but you probably do not know that there is a lot of sodium in pickles which can feast dehydration and kidney problems.

Packaged Food

Nowadays sealed fruits and soups are being found in the markets. This type of food does not give nutrients to your body but works to make the immunity weak So stop sealed food completely.

Stale Food

Stale food can cause stomach problems due to bacteria. Apart from this, the bacteria that reach the stomach start rotting food, which causes problems in digestion. It would be prudent to keep stale food away from your diet. Eating stale for many hours has a bad effect on your health.

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