Content Marketing Tips for Event Professionals

Content marketing has become the inevitable part of an online and in-person event. It has a profound contribution to marketing strategy. Therefore, we can not ignore the different forms of content. Content is valuable and impactful. Therefore, making content is mandatory for each event. If you are an event professional, then you have to learn how to create and promote content. Now digital marketing industry focuses on content creation and promotions, Content has the capacity to captivate the audience's mind, if your content is valuable and worth reading, watching, then your event will get huge engagement from the audience. You must remember that content is the heart of the event, and you have to create it in a meaningful way so that your audience wants to know about that and show enough interest.

Live Tweet your ideas for event marketing

Tweet your new ideas and ask to share your audience’s ideas too. Sharing new ideas can be great. In this way, you can blend live micro journalism with audience participation. The tweeter is the main channel of content sharing and distribution while your event is live. Therefore, you have to feed your Twitter account with the following tweets:

Tweet insights: Capture the essence of the speaker’s or thought leader’s speech, and tweet the most unique part of these programs they represent

Share quotes: You can share the speaker’s most valuable quotes. People love to read good quotes. You can tweet the best quote out there, you will get loads of resharing if the quote is catchy and worth sharing.

Tweet with pictures: Share pictures of tweets for better engagement and reach.

Retweet in an interval: The participant’s tweet is a great source of powerful insights; Therefore it is a genuine capture from the event. Show some love and properly retweet them.

Unique video ideas to generate event marketing content

Video Testimonials

Make a video of your attendees and capture their happy faces and satisfaction from your event, don’t forget to ask about what they experience or learn from their session. If they get inspired by thought leadership speeches, ask them to share how they would like to implement their knowledge in real life.

Comment on the new idea, the new topic you want to know about and ask your queries if you have questions relevant to the program. FAQ is great content, it can quench the thirst of a large audience. You can even launch a discussion session with your audience.

Video exhibitors: 

you can integrate exhibitions at your event. You should not overlook the power of exhibition. You can showcase your products and services along with the experience of using them. Even you can make a video of it.

Share the growth of the industry:

People would like to know about their industry’s future. Therefore, your audience is going to show interest in their prediction. You may ask the industry jargon to share the viewpoint and what do they think about the upcoming trends of their industry.
Upload some behind the scene video: Behind the scene, the video is going to be the very interesting part of the event. It can show the hard work and efforts you and your team put to organize your event. It is a great powerful tool to prove authenticity and associates human correlation with your brands.

Shoot time-lapse: 

Time-lapse videos are underrated but do you know it can bring the wow factor to your audience's mind. You can try to capture the activities of the audience to represent the time-lapse effect. You can check Instagram or another social platform to visit amazing time-lapse videos, it can be done by your iPhone.

Record Vines:

Looping videos are now in trend, and it is a convenient way to make your event goes viral. You can promote them easily through Instagram or Twitter accounts. It is basically a promotional strategy. Humour is the key ingredient here. Which brings an X-factor onto your event.

Create unique content ideas for your event marketing

Share your story: Share your experience, personal challenges when we start organizing the event, even you can share your experience in blog format and represent them in an interesting way. Your audience is always interested to listen and learn genuine experiences.

 A personal blog is a written experience whereas Vlog means video experience. People love both of these formats. You can choose any of them or choose both of them to share your real-time experience. Vlog has a very strong viral potential because most of the audience prefers to watch rather reading written content, or you can share some lucrative images on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You may also invite delegates to submit their blog post and stories from your events because content creation can be done differently. We will discuss the different formats of the content in the future. Each format has different objectives. An event without valuable content is incomplete. Therefore as an event planner, you have basic knowledge on how to produce content and engage the audience’s mind.

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