All You Need to Know about Academic Essay Writing

You might have come across multiple types of academic essay writing during your academic phase. Most of the articles that are crafted by students are written in high school or at the undergraduate college level of studies. At the higher level of studies, essays are replaced by research papers and projects. There are many types of essays which a student is expected to write, and all these essays help in enhancing the knowledge of the writer. Mainly, all over the world, the essays are divided into four major types:

  1. Descriptive Essays
  2. Narrative Essays
  3. Expository Essays
  4. Argumentative/ Persuasive Essays

I am writing this blog for those students who ask others to write my essay for me. So, first they need to know all types of essays. All the types of essays are closely linked together, with a being different in some minor details. Descriptive essay, as the name suggests that it describes any specific topic. The subject may be any person, place, object, any event or even any incident of some particular importance. Similarly, the narrative essay narrates a story of an event and are much similar to the descriptive essays. Mostly, this essay is about a real-life incident that has taken place in the past. Then comes the expository essay that presents a balanced analysis of a specific topic. It takes the help of facts, figures, statistics, and examples to analyze the results, but it does not include the writer’s personal opinion or point of view.  The last type of essay is an argumentative or persuasive essay, which includes the personal opinion of the writer. Here, you will get to know a little more about what an argument-based essay is and how to craft an excellent argumentative or opinionated essay.

First of all, let us have an idea of what exactly is an argumentative essay? It has been already established that it is a type of essay in which the writer incorporates his own opinion and tries to convince the reader. In an argument-based essay, the author attempts to persuade his readers that his point of view is correct and they should also agree with him or her. And this argument is not just presented casually; it is strongly backed up by the writer with the help of all the available data, examples and statistics so that his arguments can be more valid.

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Writing an opinionated essay may be quite a fun task if you have got all the data and facts straight. In fact, it is one of the most interesting pieces of writing you will ever write or come across. Still, some students feel it a burden to craft an argumentative or opinionated essay and face a lot of problems while writing a piece of writing which is argumentative yet convincing at the same time.  If you are looking for professional essay writers for hire then let us look at some of the important factors which can make your opinionated essay stand out and convince your readers immediately; these tips will also help you secure a good grade in the class and let your teacher praise you about your knowledge and writing style.

Topic Selection:

Perhaps the most important step of writing an essay, the selection of a topic gains more importance while writing an argument based essay. You should give a good amount of time to choose the topic on which you are going to write an upcoming set of words. You can either choose a current topic, which has not been much debated and the society has not got much information about it, or you can go for debatable topics, on which you can easily find data, and the problem has never been solved like global warming or animal testing or the death penalty. On the other hand, you also have to choose to choose a researchable topic for your essay on which you can easily find facts and figures. One of the possible choices of the topic with which you can go is an easily manageable topic, like the Health care Reform act, 2010. A writer can easily form his opinion on this topic and flood the reader with statistics.

Diverse Research

Once the topic has to be chosen, the direction of the essay becomes clear to you. Now it becomes much easier for the writer to form an opinion and either defend it or go against it, which is the essence of a persuasive essay. Once the stance has been taken, and you have decided that you are going to write in favor of or against this topic, you should start your research. Try to be specific; do not go for mediums that provide general information regarding the topic. Using the encyclopedias, commonly available over the internet, for defending your argument is not a good idea. Go for some other credible and more specific resources. If you are arguing about a financial topic, you should include statistics and graphs along with financial figures to make your point more valid.

Structure of the Essay

One of the most important aspects after the selection of a topic in an essay is its structure; the way you present your data. You should present your gathered data in such a way that it incites interest for the readers. If you are writing about some topic that has a historical background, try starting from the very beginning. Try explaining that from where the issue started and then gradually move towards the present day, covering all the steps and events in between. This approach will help the reader to understand the issue progressively and understand your point of view step by step.

Counter Arguments

No argument-based essay is complete without the inclusion of counter-arguments. You should include the counter arguments presented by the opponents of the idea and try to prove why they are wrong. Include the facts, figures, research data and examples to prove that why you are opposing the arguments presented or formed by the other people.

Conclusion of the Essay

In the end, the conclusion of the essay is the nailing point where you sum up your arguments in some sentences. Make sure that your conclusion is strong enough and it covers all the points presented in the essay in a concise and compelling way. Sometimes, the reader does not read the whole essay but go direct to the conclusion and read it only, as the summary of the entire essay, so you should try that the conclusion is the reflection of the whole writing. Also, try to inculcate limitations and recommendations for the solution of the problem.

In short, you can see how you can make your essay more attractive and convincing by giving attention to little details in your essay. By following these useful yet simple tips, you adorn your essay with more powerful tools of getting good grades. These tips will not only help you to convince your readers in a more persuasive way but also make your piece of writing more logical and authentic.

Best of luck for your next argument-based essay

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