6 Website Design & Feature Ideas to Bring Success for Your Business

In today’s world of AI and technological advancements, your website is the face of your company. 

Just within 5 seconds of landing on the website, your visitors should be able to determine what your business deals with. The layout of the pricing should be easy to understand, and users should be able to easily navigate through the site as they need to.

If your website is not able to deliver these factors, then it is high time that your website needs an overhaul! It must have a design that feeds into the user experience and functionality of the website and complements the content appropriately.

Your website also needs to communicate with the audience about what you do and why you do it and about whom do you do it for!

However, it is quite easy to get caught up in how great yours is as a business and forgetting in the meantime about the core concerns of your audience! To help you out here are some website design ideas that will ensure success for your website!

  • Make the Site Speed an Absolute Priority – This is something that is a most coveted and least debated fact about the website. Research suggests that this influences almost anything and everything starting from bounce rates to revenue and conversions. If the site is slow, the visitors will not stick around.  Added to that, as users care so do search engines and they keep an eye on the load speed of websites to determine the rankings. That is why you should invest in making the site as fast as possible.
  • A Clear Navigation is a Must – Organise your pages into categories that are named in a logical manner and standard terms have to be used on the menu. The visitors to your website won’t like to guess where to go. They must not need to analyze what you mean, too. They also don’t want to set out on a scavenger hunt for the facts. So put it clearly in front of them so that your visitors can navigate effortlessly.
  • Remove Certain Things from Your Website – There are certain elements in the web design that can detract the audience from the value and message that you are trying to convey. These include the content that is too long, complicated animations and stocky images of the website. These are just some of those factors on the list. Remember that the audience have just the attention span of 8 seconds and you must create the first impression that gets the primary points across.
  1. This can be achieved with the powerful and short sections of contents and are also applicable for photographs that are sectioned with the help of the concise and clear headers.
  2. Once the above is done, you must ensure that it does not contain ambiguous terminology and jargons. This just serves to confuse the users and make the content muddy.
  3. Some words that you should avoid include - flexible, next generation, scalable, robust, easy-to-use, critical, ground-breaking, best-of-breed, innovative. These are words that are used by thousands of companies and they fail to make the content appealing.
  • Avoid Stock Photos and Use More People in Pictures – Apart from using them to direct the attention, people in the images of the site is usually a superhit idea. Your visitors will like to connect to other people both in reality and on the web. However, steer clear from the stock phots as it negates the effects and renders the tip ineffective. If you are thinking of images of people on the site, you should ensure that they are real and genuine. If not anything else, you can go to a photography session with your staff! But say no to stock photos!
  • Use Sufficient Amount of White Space – While space or negative space is the technical term for areas in an image that do not attract attention. Usually, they are blank or empty like a monochrome wall or cloudless sky. This may seem to you as boring but when used in the right way this makes it easier for the viewer to take in the image and also improve the legibility. This also makes relevant information like the CTA and tagline take the main focus. For this keep the following in mind –
  1. Ignore the boring layouts with the secondary visuals
  2. Surround the most significant elements with the negative space
  3. Use backgrounds that help your viewers to focus their attention on what’s important
  4. Surround the elements that are of top priority with negative space
  • Include the CTA on Nearly Every Page – You should tell your visitors what you want to do next. You should lead them down the path where they can contact you or opt for purchasing the time of their choice. Neil Patel, the famous conversion expert suggests that the CTA of your business should be closely aligned with the mindset of the audience. If the CTA does not match with the audience's intent, then you are going to watch a sharp decline in the conversion of your landing page or a specific content piece.

The above are some of the website design and feature ideas suggested by the professionals of the reputed company of web design in India. Implementing these will help your business to achieve maximum conversions online by enticing your audience time and again.

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Iftekhar is the founder of BusyBlogies, a content marketing strategy expert. He is a veteran of creating and managing digital content to build relationships for organizations and individuals. @iftekhar_ash