6 Quick and Ways to Enhance Your Social Media Design

Social media pages are the most important part of businesses these days. They have been immensely successful creating their own brand identities. Your business can have an edge over competitors by having a page on one of these sites. Here are some quick and easy tips to check out some of the best elements that help creating a noticeable social media presence for your business online:

1. Banners

Visitors first see the headers of Twitter and cover photos of Facebook. Hence, it is your duty to make it clean, crisp, and as engaging as possible. There are a number of elements designed specifically for these noticeable locations on your social media page. The best part is that one can customize these as per your brand identity. Go for tools and plugins such as Web Donut that offers eighty banner options in a single package and varied themed banner packages. Banners can be customizable and scaled easily to fit any size. Beginners will find it easier to use.

2. A Unique Color Combination

Color is certainly a crucial part of brand recognition. Varied color combinations are important for creating a mood of a post. This will set the content’s visual tone. Studies have revealed that around 90 per cent of snap decisions about products are mainly based on color. So a decent color combination will let your social media images develop an everlasting impression on the target audience.

3. Dynamic Call to Action

It is crucial to include a very strong call to action to your social media design. The idea is to allure your target audience to perform further actions such as buying good/services, downloading something etc. According to experienced freelance web developer & designer, words aren’t necessary to create a productive call to action. In fact, it can be complemented with a suitable and operational visual. Make sure it is engaging. You need to recognize an emotion and build message around it. It may also be a little amusing, unique or even thought-provoking.

4. The Typographical Style

If your brand does not have a consistent font that you use across varied social media platforms, you must focus on having one. Make sure you determine your brand fonts as these reflect the overall personality of your brand and strengthen tone of voice. The choice of the perfect font or a set of fonts must be based on through analysis and research. You must consider the readability and legibility in mind when choosing fonts. Well-designed typography will allow audiences to scan your content fast. It is crucial that you are evoking a specific fit or emotion or fit with the fonts used on the social media site.

5. Display Key Information

Use well-designed visuals on your social media design. This is very important to direct attention of your audience to key data, figures, information, etc. Listing information without any visual promotion won’t work. Try using some tools such as Bannersnack to have an upper hand on your typographical grading. Also create images that supplement whatever is being discussed.

6. Simple Design

It is important that you keep your design as simple as possible. It should be easy to relate to. For visual content, simplicity is the key because most people prefer receiving information in a very short and sweet way. They do not appreciate the complexities involved. One of the best examples is that of Twitter pages. They have very clean, sharp graph combined with a simple layout which attractive and classy.

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