5 Warning Signs to Look Out for While Appointing an SEO Company

In today’s digital world, one thing that is of pivotal significance for any business is the rightly created and properly optimised website. Now a website can be optimised in the desired manner only when there the right and consistent Search Engine Optimization or SEO techniques are used. 
There are a plethora of SEO companies out there that are actually contending for your business. They will leave no stones unturned to convince you to appoint them. In this day and age, this goes without saying that SEO happens to be an essential investment. But many of the SEO companies make empty promises, these days, and they are just out to make easy bucks. 
So here are a few warning signs that will help you to stay away from the SEO scams and select and appoint the right firm for your business. Just read on. 

  • Warning 1 - Going for Prices That Are Too Good to be True - There are many SEO companies that claim to provide a lot in return and charge very nominally for their service. The thing that you need to keep in mind, in this respect, is that it may be too good to be true. The large SEO companies actually provide you with programmers, proficient analysts and link building experts who would not be able to survive if the smart SEO services actually achieved what they did. 
  • Warning 2 – Recommending Web Content with Specific Keyword Densities - Keyword stuffed content worked when Google first started. But now it is possible only through human readers much more than the search engines. It is always great to utilise keywords in the content but you should never overdo the same. You should not go for a company where the SEO specialist tells you that the keyword density must be 15 percent or more in the content. Your site can be banned if there is excessive     keyword usage. 
  • Warning 3 – Going for Black Hat SEO Practices –You should steer clear if the firm tells you to go for any black hat SEO practices like adding a link to the link farm, putting hidden text on the website or stuffing meta tags with the keywords. The black hat SEO techniques can get your website banned from the search engines. 
  • Warning 4 – Promising to Get the Content on the Front Page of the Social Media Sites – There are companies that  can actually promise you to get you content on the first page of the social media. They may tell that they have contacts in the particular company who will vote for your article and bring it on the first page. But this can get your website banned and you are not going to have the desirable number of likes and sharing if your content is not tremendously interesting and informative. Moreover, you do not have to pay someone to get you on the front page following this method. 
  • Guaranteeing a Number One Position in Google Ranking for the Site – Any company that promises to make your website rank number one in the Google search engine is absolutely wrong. This is something that is not possible to be guaranteed as Google decides the ranking after judging hundreds of factors. So the efficient and reputed SEO company in India promises to bring your website in the top ten search results of Google which is achievable and possible. 

Now that you know the warning, you should keep this in mind at the time of selecting the SEO company for optimising your business website in the best possible way. 

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The author, Shashi Ranjan happens to be a talented and experienced digital marketing professional and SEO specialist who is also a prolific blogger. He is committed to assist the businesses to succeed in an increasingly technological environment.