5 Actionable Email Marketing Tips To Boost Results

Email marketing is an art. With an approach informed by these five tips, any business can drive up open and conversion rates. Small business owners and marketing professionals should keep in mind that online marketing methods can only go so far toward cultivating customer relationships. Sending business Christmas cards in addition to emails can be an effective way to grow and sustain a loyal customer base.

1. Solicit Email Addresses Online and During Checkout

A business may invite website visitors to join a mailing list to receive updates about forthcoming or sold out products or available services. When a customer completes a purchase online, he or she is often required to sign in with a valid email address. Be sure to take this opportunity to request permission to continue to contact customers about future offers.

On average, attracting new customers costs about five times more in marketing and promotional costs than are necessary to keep current customers. When a customer grants permission to be contacted via email, it becomes much easier to reach out about new developments and send targeted promotions.

2. Send Regular Updates and Special Offers

A business should use customer contact information wisely. Contacts on a mailing list may appreciate customized greetings, seasonal updates and notifications of special offers. It may also be possible to give customers the choice of opting in to receive certain types of communication. Otherwise, it can be helpful to segment lists of contacts.

Email empowers businesses to pursue a targeted approach to marketing that costs far more on search engine and social media advertising platforms. For instance, it is possible to cultivate customer interest in particular products, services or offers through customized email blasts that are funneled toward conversions.

3. Pair Email Promotions With Social Media Marketing

Email promotions are most effective as part of a broader online marketing plan. Many users are just as active on social media, if not more so. Combining posts and messages on these platforms with more substantial emails can transform undecided prospects into repeat customers.

While social media and email can sometimes seem independent, a savvy marketer can learn a lot from customer social media profiles. It may be possible to correct or update important marketing data based on social media profiles, posts, and interactions with a business page or profile.

4. Segment and Split Test Email Promotions

Email marketing also surpasses other methods of digital promotion in terms of the affordability and ease of doing a split or A/B testing. Rather than requiring a costly investment like print advertising, promotional emails can be generated through templates and customized for personal appeal.

Online segmentation can inform offline promotions when more money is on the line. For example, when a small business owner wants to build a mailing list for business Christmas cards and narrowing down of recipients based on online data can help cards reach the customers who are most likely to have a good response to this type of greeting.

5. Optimize the Email Sales Funnel

Every message a business sends to customers should center on conversion. Every communication is an opportunity to plant seeds that lead to sales by reaching the right recipients at the right time.

Email marketing is one of the most affordable and dependable ways to keep in touch with customers. Businesses with brick-and-mortar locations and online merchants both rely on digital marketing strategies that include email correspondence.

Businesses may experience the most success by combining email, social media and other online marketing tactics with offline methods. Customizing the design of business Christmas cards is one of the best ways to foster customer relationships with high levels of retention and satisfaction.

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